Why free host sucks & horror stories of free host space

Free web hosting india can be beneficial for very few reasons. But when it comes to disadvantages of Free Hosting there are countless numbers. Here we will discuss the drawbacks and disadvantages of free web hosting. But before that one must understand the reasons for providing a free hosting service.

Reasons of Proving a Free Hosting Service

A free hosting service is provided because it provides the web host many benefits. In case of free web hosting service the choices for the customer are very few while the choices for web host is big in numbers. There can be limitations on building your website, your website can be unavailable at any time without any information. You can lose the revenue from your website if the website goes down and there will be no one to care of your situation. You website might be filled with advertisements and your website visitors will surely not like it.  In all these circumstances your free web host will be gaining all the benefits limiting you with very few options.

Some of the major setbacks you will face if you choose a free web host are:

Limitations in Branding - People who have created the website usually have full control over the branding. But choosing a free web hosting service may limit the ability to have full control over your own website. URLs could be limited to just a sub-domain, the ads and popups on the website may interfere on how your website looks. The templates that you will be provided will allow a little or no personalization. This could include only text and even limitations on images.

Limitations in Resources - In a free web hosting services you will always be provided with limited number of resources. This will also include limitations in disk space, bandwidth, number of email accounts, size and the type of media files that can be uploaded, the number of pages that can be added to the website.

No Support Guaranteed - In a free web hosting service you can be sure that you will not be getting any support. You will not receive any backup guarantee if you choose a free hosting service. You will always be in fear of losing your data if you choose a free hosting service. You will also not be provided with any type of website analytics and traffic logs to track the performance of your website. Frequent upgradation of the servers will also not happen in a free web hosting service. Hence this could lead to a great security lapse of your website. While choosing a free hosting service you will not be provided with any uptime guarantee that means your website can go down for any period of time without you been given any prior information.

Effect on Search Engine Rankings - Many of the times search engines ignores subdomains this means many of the times your website will not be shown in the search results. The only way by which a visitor will be able to visit the website is by typing the exact URL in the box. This will make it difficult for the website visitor to find the website over the internet, as there are very few chances for the visitor to remember the whole URL unless your website is very popular.

Frequent Shutting Down of Free Web Host - It is a known fact that many of the free website hosting companies close each day. You will not be given any prior notice or information to move your website to another web host. You might try to browse your website one day and you might come to know there isn’t any website of yours over the internet. Hence always be cautious before choosing a free web host.

Overflowing the Servers - Most of the free web hosting server will be overflowing with the websites. More number of websites on the server means higher risk of problems. There are more chances of viruses and illegal content affecting your website if the server is overloaded. A free web hosting server will mostly be overcrowded with spammy, illegal websites. In these kind of free web hosting service you will often notice that your website will show slow loading time and therefore making websites performance worse.

Utilising their own customers - Even though you might not be paying your web host. You might have to do other things to keep your service free or else they might ask you to pay the charges at some point of the time or other. In this type of service you might be required to post in their forums on a regular basis so that they may not hire the technical staff. In some other cases you will have to get certain number of referrals to use the free hosting service. If you are not able to provide the number of referrals as you have been told you might have to pay for the web hosting service you have taken up from them.

These were some of the main drawbacks of choosing a Free Hosting Service. By this time you might have completely known how can a free web hosting service can completely damage the reputation of your website.

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