Which is the best e-commerce platform in India?

As we all might be knowing that the global as well as the Indian eCommerce market is growing a fast pace. There are a lot of new trends, when you are starting a new eCommerce website there are a lot of things that needs to be figured out before making a decision to build a website on the right platform. There are some important elements which needs to be figured out while making an eCommerce website i.e. payment gateway which needs to be integrated with the website, product photography, promotions through social media, gaining new customers, pertaining those customers and of course the search engine optimisation.

With the increase in the number of eCommerce businesses the number of eCommerce platforms has increased to a great level from past few years. Hence with so many options available figuring out the best and the most reliable option can sometimes be a confusing task. In this post we will assist you in choosing the best eCommerce platforms that is available nowadays.

There are mainly two options available for build an eCommerce website one can be a managed eCommerce platform and the other option is a CMS like a Magento.

On a hosted eCommerce platform you will not be having an access to the server. Whereas CMS based websites are moreover self hosted on space provided on the server which you will be able to purchase from us. Below is the list of most popular eCommerce platform available today.


Using a CMS based eCommerce website has many advantages. Some of them are mentioned below:

Better Functioning – A huge number of plugins, add-one are available with CMS. You will be able to use the advanced functionalities which will not be possible in self-hosted platforms.

Better Customization – A CMS will allow the freedom of adding and modifying the features as well as it will help to make a unique brand. It also allows a constant improvement and enhancements in the user experience of the website. This plays a major role in today’s highly competitive business world

Storage of large websites – A CMS does not have any limits on the number of products or categories that can be included. This helps to handle large stores and even big and bulky websites.

By now you might have known that CMS websites will suit your need.

Below are the best eCommerce platforms available in the market.

  1. Magento – Majority of the Top eCommerce websites are built on eCommerce platform. It is one of the most popular and the best eCommerce platform which is available today. The biggest advantage of using a Magento CMS is the large number of plugins and extensions available which helps in adding new functions to the website. Some of the advantages of using Magento are as follows:

  • High level of customization and functionality available

  • Many number of extensions available

  • Much more SEO friendly when compared to other CMS platforms

  1. WooCommerce – It is a wordpress  plugin, which is used to build eCommerce website on the wordpress platform. Most number of WordPress themes have a built in WooCommerce functionality. This plugin provides almost all the features that is available with any other CMS platform. A WooCommerce option is best suited for those who have budget constraints and for those who are familiar with WordPress.

  1. Drupal – Drupal is the other major CMS platform used. Its easy integration option helps in creating a blog or forum much more conveniently than other CMS systems. It also allows an easy implementation of SEO strategy.

  1. Opencart – This one is another type of popular CMS for eCommerce. It can has one of the most easy to use backends, but its support system is not reliable as other platforms which are listed here.

These are some of the major forms of eCommerce platforms available. By whichever CMS platform you have built your website. We will provide you with the best hosting service for your eCommerce website. We have the most flexible, reliable and secured web hosting options to give your eCommerce website the perfect start.

Most important features of eCommerce software

E-commerce software is a software by which one can buy and sell products online. eCommerce also known as Electronic commerce uses the technology of internet that is used through world wide web for its transaction procedure. eCommerce includes many things such as eCommerce transactions for purchase of online items. There are mainly three types of e-commerce which includes online retailing, electric markets as well as online auctions.

eCommerce software solution


“eCommerce software packages are feature rich technology applications and it enhances the way by which the web-based stores are set up and run.”


With the help of an eCommerce software, the online retailers are able to improve the design of their website and then promoting it to the buyers, this helps in providing the customers the best and the most convenient way of shopping experience.


  • An eCommerce software solution provides a better range of functions and capabilities from where one can perform the online activities easily. 
  • An eCommerce software includes advanced search facility which makes it easier for the shoppers to look for the services they are looking for. 
  • An eCommerce software has an ability to add new products with their features, pictures and description accordingly. 
  • An eCommerce software includes the full automation of the checkout process. This include calculation of pricing and totals. Taxing, shipping and handling fee.

Centralization of Database

An eCommerce software diminishes the hassle of integration and maintenance of different systems for accounting transactions, customers data and product information. All the important information like product listings, browsing history, shipping and payment status are stored and can be accessed from a single location.

eCommerce Application Integration

An eCommerce software offers solutions to integrate a variety of applications. An eCommerce software systems includes the third party shipping service providers so that customers will be able to select the delivery option and then calculate the cost occurred during the checkout process.

Promotions and Marketing

An eCommerce software solutions provide different methods to Promote and Marketing their website and market it. An eCommerce software supports SEO strategies making the website more visible and accessible to the customers. Moreover and eCommerce software package will analyse the customer browsing and viewing pattern and then use it accordingly to improve the sales and revenue of the business.

eCommerce Website – Analysis and Reporting

Understanding the pattern of the buyer is an important and crucial factor for an eCommerce website owner. Hence to know this pattern an eCommerce software solutions provide a statistical report.

Apart from the features an eCommerce software has many advantages as well

some of them are discussed below:


Quick Start of Online Business
An eCommerce software comes with an easy to use store builder which comes with pre-built templates which helps in building your store quickly. These store comes with drag and drop functions where you will be able to build your website in minutes.

Store is always Open

One of the best advantages of using an e-commerce software is that the store is always open 24*7. There will not be any limitation to keep your store open. You will be able to sell the goods at any point of time be it day or night.

Sell it to Anyone and Anywhere

Apart from this feature you will be able to sell your product to anyone and from anywhere you want. You will be able to sell your product to any part of the location of the world.

Save your time and money

At the end of the day when you will be calculating your expenses you will be finding that the cost occured in managing the online store is less expensive than running a visible store where you have to buy or rent a place and then employee the staff and thereafter pay for the utilities. Paying for an eCommerce platform reduces the monthly expenses and maximise the profits.