What Types Of VPS Server are Available?

Virtual Servers are also known as VPS (Virtual Private Server). Virtual Private Server is a service offered by hosting providers. Each and every virtual private server has the functionality of operating on its operating system. As a result, each machine may be manually and individually rebooted if there are any technical concerns faced by the client. Hosting those servers will provide the clients with the flexibility of managing the crucial statistics and information independently.

Benefits of using Virtual Server:

Virtual Server is completely based on virtual generation, and it divides the physical server into different virtual servers. This is done with the help of a software utility which segments the grasp hardware into different smaller components. Each and everyone server performs one by one and independently from one other. The main cause of segmenting the master server is because the impartial server will be rebooted without affecting other Virtual Server. Similarly, each virtual server is capable of strolling its personal operating systems.

Each and every virtual server runs an own operating system, giving the flexibility to reboot. In VPS servers each and every user is given extra privacy and security compared to the shared hosting services. Companies subscribing to VPS hosting plans need no longer fear approximately server management, upkeep, and tracking because the VPS service provider takes the entire obligation for the same. In VPS it allows the subscriber to host multiple websites. A business enterprise might, as an instance, host its production website and a development website online on the equal VPS. Similarly, a web improvement company will have the right lease a VPS and use it to host websites for a couple of customers.

Some of the features of Virtual Server:

  1. In  Virtual Machine the subscriber will get the complete access to the VPS operating system without any kind of restrictions.

  1. Virtual Server allows the subscriber to opt for additional hosting on the server like Protocol, Mail server, File Transfer or any applications.

  1. In VPS Server the level of access permits subscribers to configure the VPS to fulfill their very own precise requirements.

  1. With the help of VPS Server, the subscriber will opt to host additional offerings on the server, together with a file switch Protocol web page, a mail server, or specialized programs and dependency databases.

  1. In VPS server the client can install any type of software for the OS and VPS servers are equivalent to a dedicated server and can be easily configured.

Types Of VPS Server:

1) WooCommerce VPS Server:

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which helps in converting your site into an online store. WooCommerce is basically for selling the product and services. And moreover, it makes the things affordable and accessible. With WooCommerce you’ll be able to sell a digital and physical product, shipping, sort taxes automatically, manage inventory, secure payments and much more can be performed. In WooCommerce you will get good control over data and the support for mobile devices is available and therefore the potential to scale your sites is unmetered. WooCommerce makes your WordPress website into a completely functioning e-commerce store.

Some of the features of using WooCommerce VPS Server:

  1. It is scalable from a few products to numerous products.

  2. It is an open source code and allows customizations and developer updates.

  3. Can sell physical products or the digital downloads.

  4. It comes as a Mobile friendly design.

  5. Numerous of free and paid WooCommerce extensions to select from.

  6. Built into WordPress for continuous integration.

Advantages of WooCommerce VPS server:

One of the important factors about WooCommerce VPS server is that it’s is frequently updated, therefore no need to worry about any security problems. As it’s updated on a daily basis, it will always be compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and you will not be experiencing many bugs. With an excellent one-click update system, obtaining bug fixes and security updates on WooCommerce VPS server is very fast and simple. As being an open source, WooCommerce benefits from the worldwide developer community in terms of latest features, quicker enhancements, and a good community.

2) KVM VPS Hosting:

KVM(Kernel-based Virtual Machine), is a virtual private server designed to maintain the top position of the physical server. Mostly, all types of resources are dedicated to the KVM VPS. KVM VPS will not be shared with different users on the physical device. KVM VPS server is mainly known for their reliability and excellent performance.

The KVM VPS is a Linux based infrastructure for complete virtualization. KVM VPS server is of lower overhead and increased performance due to the guaranteed resources such as HDD and RAM. There will be one or two virtual CPU cores depending on the VPS plan to select from. Moreover all types of common Linux distribution, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows can be installed.

Features of KVM VPS hosting:

KVM VPS hosting is very popular and widely used virtualization Technology and its part of the Linux system Kernel since 2017. And it is virtually 10-year-old visualization Technology. KVM VPS is the well stable technology and it’s very simple to provision the virtual machines and it’s easy to scale up and down.

The important features of KVM based virtualization technologies are that can run any type of Linux like CentOs, Ubuntu, BSD Linux system and any kind of Linux based operating system. With the help of QEMU Technology KVM offers good speed and it directly interacts with the bare metal hardware and different components like the disc, device drivers, and RAM for offering the maximum speed.

3) Magento VPS Server:

Magento platform is considered the leading platforms because of the numerous features and benefits when compared to other platforms. Usually, Magento is offered by each and every e-commerce designing company and can be used by small, medium and large size business. Magento will be very helpful for creating an online store and it will help the users to interact with all types of sales and services. The main benefit of the magneto is that it allows the users to proceed with any kind of purchase with one click.

Advantages of using a Magento VPS Server:

With the help of the VPS hosting, you can sell the products very quickly. And also Magento VPS Server is very beneficiary for the owner of the website as there is no need to worry about the software along with any additional services and codes. Moreover, Magento VPS Server will offer you unique features and scalable platform, so that it can be customized for each and every need of the business throughout the development. The main advantage of the Magento VPS Server is that it is presented as a scalable solution for e-commerce. And also it can be easily customized to any type of situations like a desktop to mobile versions. And the versions are followed by different additional extensions. Magento VPS Server helps to integrate different apps to other platforms which you might use for the business.