What is the Powerful Web Hosting for your Growing Business?

Why do you need a Powerful plan for your Growing Business?


In India there are numerous hosting options to choose from. At the selection of a web hosting service is depends on the needs of your business. As you are looking for powerful web hosting for your growing business then Virtual Server will be the ideal option for you to choose for your website. In VPS environment, each and every website is hosted on a Virtual server on a highly powerful hardware. In this type of hosting arrangement a physical machine is divided into various virtual segments and server related softwares are setup on each virtual partition separately, making each and every portion capable of working independently.

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Get Powerful Web Hosting from HostingRaja

If you are looking for power web hosting for your business website, then you are in a right place because HostingRaja is the best when it comes with provide powerful hosting solution for growing businesses in India at cheapest rates with fastest, secure, powerful and easy to use options.


What makes HostingRaja Awesome?
  • SSD Based VPS : You will be provided upto 200% faster access to your files, data, databases compared to traditional HDD drives.

  • Free Domain Name: Each and every hosting service offered by Hostingraja comes with free domain name registration. In case you already registered your domain name you can transfer it to HostingRaja for free of cost.

  • cPanel Based Hosting: cPanel is one of the most popular and widely used control panel available for effortless management of your hosting account and website.

  • Daily/Weekly Backups: You will be provided with free daily/weekly backups of your data and files to keep you safe. When other web hosting companies charge for this, we at HostingRaja don’t charge for it.

  • 24*7 Technical Support: A hosting service can not be consider good in the absence of excellent technical support. We at HostingRaja provide 24*7 technical support via various methods including chat, email, phone and ticket system.

  • Fixed Prices, No Surprises: No tricky astonishments – renew all your website hosting services on a similar cost-effective rate you agreed to accept.

  • Excellent Security : You will be provided with Enterprise-grade control, regular monitoring and serpentine network of security  systems. Your security is our priority.

  • Strategic Areas: A datacenter near to your website visitors will result in good loading speed of your web page. Don’t settle with speed and select attentively.

  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee: At HostingRaja we are so confident about our server and you are going to love our service that we offer 30 days money-back guarantee for risk free trials.

  • Increased Efficiency : Each and every detail in our highly secure datacenters is attentively planned and implemented for increased efficiency.

  • Geographical Accessibility: Our world-class datacenters are deliberately situated in the various parts of India for closer geographical Accessibility and excellent performance.

  • Sophisticated Physical Security : Physical security is extraordinary when done right. 24*7*365 prepared and qualified guards and CCTV observing enable access to authorised staff only.

  • Free Hosting Migration and Pain-free Transfer : We migrate hosting account for free of cost from any other hosting providers. Get started with instant activation or have your web page transferred from other provider in less than an hour!

Choose HostingRaja today and give the excellent performance to your preferred applications! Including WordPress, Joomla, Dolphin, Magento, OpenCart, Drupal etc.

Each and everything you require to Run a successful Website: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee • Instant Activation • Same Renewal Cost • No Cancellation Charges • Cost-effective • Fast SSD Based Storage • Hack-free Scan/Protection • Expert 24*7 Technical Support • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee