What is SSL and why is it necessary for a website?

SSL is used to ensure the identity of a website server, encrypt transmitted data, and safeguard the integrity of data during the time of transmission. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and it is a cryptographic protocol which offers the security of network communication, like the connections over the internet. Moreover, they avoid deciphering by third parties by scrambling the information transmitted between the client’s browser and server the business is hosted on. Once the encrypted data reaches the secure server, it cannot be unscrambled.

SSL Certificates:

SSL Certificates are small data files and it digitally binds a cryptological key to an organization’s information. When SSL Certificate is installed on a web server, it will activate the https protocol, padlock and also the connections will be secured from a from a web server to a browser. When an SSL Certificate is being installed successfully on a server the appliance protocol HTTP will change to HTTPs as the “s” indicates secure. After the installation of SSL Certificate, when you visit a site the browser will show a green bar or padlock in the browser. Basically, SSL Certificate is used to secure data transfer, payment transactions, logins and also secures the browsing of social media sites.

SSL protocol is not visible to the online customers, but the data is going to be encrypted. The web server will need an SSL certificate to form an SSL connection. Few questions as to be answered before activating the SSL. And the questions will be related to the identity of the site and organization. Later creates a private key and a public key. The public key is transferred into a certificate signing request, and the file will contain the information of an online company. And then the Certification Authority verifies the information and issues the certificate. Finally, the certificate will be matched to the private key by enabling the server to create the encrypted link between the online customer’s browser and a website.

Benefits of adding an SSL Certificate on the Website:

1) Safeguards the Data Transfer:

It’s necessary to safeguard the information which is been submitted to the web server from the users especially when the data is sensitive in nature. If in case the user on your website is submitting a contact form, login form, or credit card information, it’s important to keep the user’s data safe with an SSL certificate.

2) Private communication:

The important benefit of using SSL protection on your site is that it makes the transaction conversations as a private. SSL certificates encrypt all the data used on the website, like credit or debit card numbers, login details into unreadable information. And SSL certificates will add random numbers and digits to that data and making it impossible to read any details.

3) Provides SEO Benefits:

Google’s search algorithm offers the sites a boost in the search engine rankings if your site has an SSL certificate. It may not be noticeable, but it’s one of the factors Google takes into consideration while calculating where in search results your site should rank. When an SSL certificate is seen, it is believed that the data is secure when it makes it’s way to the web server. Additionally, an SSL certificate includes the credibility and confidence in the website.

4) Authentication of the Server:

SSL certificates will protect the website and the client details. Usually, a website will use a server to keep all the information and details of the website in online. And moreover, you need a digital certificate, when you purchase an SSL certificate you will be offered with any of the digital certificates. Digital Certificates can be acquired from third parties called as Certificate Authorities and it will assure the encryption of the sites. SSL certificates will safeguard from the online fraudsters to pretend to be another server on the site.

5) Safeguards from Hackers and Identity Thefts:

Hackers and Identity thefts on the web have become common due to which the SSL digital certificates prove to be very important. Before installing the certificate, need to decide the server type which is processed by the site. An Apache server is being used by the sites in most of the cases and requires a secure certificate of the Apache type. Digital certificates are issued by the certificate authorities. And ensures that the data of the site owner is maintained securely by the server. Protection of the data to the server is managed so that it will not end up with wrong hands.

How to add SSL certificates to the website?

Hosting providers will be able to add the SSL certificate easily. It typically needs a server administrator to initiate the SSL provisioning procedure, or an admin will be able to manually install the SSL certificate with the help of a third party provider or a network solution. After the successful installation of the SSL certificate, the web hosting provider will execute a redirect so all the HTTP web pages are automatically redirected to the HTTPS. And also the website developer has to cross-check whether all the assets along with images, fonts, CSS are loaded with secure URLs. At last, Google authorizes you to attach the SSL Certificate of your website as a procedure within the Google Webmaster Tools. Webmaster Tools will be helpful in offering the basic information related to the status of your website’s security.

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