What are the Popular Blogging CMS Platforms at 2014

With the swelling number of entertainment options, the blogging was considered to be well on its way to the eventful demise! Only but the blogging has seen a steady increase in popularity and appeal. Today even the corporations utilize blogging platform to educate and influence the general audience. Its not only the talent and imagination of a blogger that makes a successful blogging venture, but its also his chosen blogging platform. Here are the 2014 list of world’s popular blogging platform along with its pros and cons.
WordPress Blogging

With a Platform that powers almost 19% of the internet websites there are no qualms about the position for world’s most popular blogging platform. You can go with the free wordpress.com (which has a worpress extension at the end of your domain) or with the wordpress.org (which costs you below $20, but with much more independence and freedom).


1. The most exhaustive theme library for complete flexibility while developing your website
2. Website plug-ins of every kind that gives enormous flexibility while developing website. These include navigational features, SEO plug-ins, visual factors etc…
3. Regular security Scrutiny and version updates


1. Some people claim that wordpress.com is comparatively slow to custom built websites. But I see no major difference for normal blogging purposes.
2. If you don’t buy widgets or plug-ins from authentic sources it could lead to compatibility issues.


The Google’s custom blogging platform still holds some shine. But it has also lost legion of bloggers to other competing platforms.

1. The credibility associated with Google
2. Completely free of Charge; You can upload large images database without worrying about rocketing hosting expenditure


1. Your blogging future under the sway of Google strategic impulses. Many experts believe that blogger.com would be dissolved into the Google Plus social platform.
2. The blogger.com ad-sense platform has never been a financially feasible option.


If you want to focus on simple interface or educational-informational content, the Tumblr.com is the right approach.

1. Simple Interface to create and share content
2. Free platform; Only pay for the domain name
3. A large and active user-base
4. Lets you share and re-blog content

1. May be too Simplistic; A modern UI engineer may frown on the minimal options and features


The Joomla has always remained a powerful CMS platform. If you want to develop advanced founctanalities or test features to be used elsewhere, the Joomla CMS is a great option.


1. Large number of extensions and plug-ins
2. Opportunity to learn about the powerful CMS platform


1. Highly complex and Technically challenging
2. Requires much lesser effort to develop similar features at other platforms
3. The User base has shrink consistently.


The latest among the most relevant blogging platforms. Launched as late as 2012, the medium scores at UI interface and functionality.


1. A community driven approach, giving enough visibility for your quality content.
2. Clutter-Free and Clean interface
3. Simple to use; It can be simple as create and post

1. Its impossible to derive a clear identity for your blog.
2. Low user-base; Its lower user-base puts on a disadvantage with developing future features

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