What are the Major Types of Web Hosting Services for Online Business?

Let us understand what is Web Hosting:

 Web hosting is a service to make your site accessible online. In web hosting services you will be offered with a disk space, bandwidth and much more on monthly or yearly cost. Once the user is signed up with a web hosting provider, they will be able to upload files on the space provided on the web server and later the data is visible for each and every user on the Internet. The fee charged by the web hosting service provider is much less than what it would cost to run a server from your home or data center. And this is the important reason web hosting companies survive. And also they offer with all kinds of hardware, software, and other required components for you.

Web Hosting services is a business routine related to offering space and bandwidth capacity on a powerful computer server and it is connected to the Internet with a high speed. Web Hosting organizations keep up extensive systems of the powerful web server computers in a physical area and it is known as a data center. Mostly, these computer servers are connected with a quick and generally repetitive Internet connection.  The data centers will provide with the essential and backup power, and a quick connection with the Internet, and also a security staff for observing.

Some of the Important types of Web Hosting Services:

There is a numerous range of web hosting services available, but some of the important are Shared Server, Dedicated Server, VPS(Virtual Private Server) and Cloud Server. Each hosting services are explained below:

1)Shared Server: Shared web hosting services are one of the most common types of web hosting services available worldwide. The shared server is a part of disk space and bandwidth provided to the customers by the hosting service provider on a powerful server. In a shared hosting, numerous sites are hosted on a single server and the hosting service provider is probably going to have all the servers in a huge data center. In shared hosting, the resources of the server are shared by as many other websites are allocated to that computer. The shared web hosting is the cheap and best type of web hosting services available for individuals and small organizations.

Shared hosting will provide you with all the basic tools to build, manage and grow your site. Either you build the site with a site builder, or want to install WordPress, Joomla or any other content management system, on a shared server you can do all of those. In the shared server, you can also include databases, forwarders, add domains to your account manage email addresses, auto-responders and much more. Shared hosting plans will vary from a different service provider, in terms of both features and pricing.

2)VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting: VPS is a virtual machine sold by a hosting service provider. The important benefit of a VPS server is the subscriber will have total access to the VPS operating system without any restrictions. And this helps the subscribers to configure the VPS to meet their requirements. The subscriber can also opt for additional hosting on the server like a Mail server, protocol, File Transfer or any applications, and also for activities like blogging and e-commerce. VPS server permits to hosting multiple sites. Moreover, a web hosting service provider leases the VPS server and uses it to host the client’s websites.


A VPS server runs within a server and one physical server hosts multiple virtual servers, and each is being isolated from the others. VPS is performed with a software known as a hypervisor, which segments the physical server and maintains each segment separately. Each VPS server its own form of operating system and it is independent of the others. Each and every VPS server can be rebooted independently.

3)Dedicated Server: Dedicated hosting server is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for hosting a huge and busy website without the need of purchasing the own component and paying plenty of amounts for every month for a fast Internet connection. Dedicated Server contains the single server with none of the other websites facilitating on that computer. For any organization which is having a busy website will find a dedicated hosting server as very beneficial.

Features of a dedicated hosting server:

1) A dedicated server will work with numerous bandwidth providers.

2) A dedicated server will provide with 99.99% uptime assurance and online support.

3) The dedicated server will come with an option for managed or unmanaged hosting.

4) The dedicated server will be located in a highly secured and monitored data centers.

5) A dedicated server will make use of the latest hardware technology to provide the best performance.

4) Cloud Server: Cloud hosting is the servers that are used to provide computing resource for the cloud computing. Moreover, they are servers which are being networked together to offer a single pool of computing power which cloud-based services will draw the resource from. In Cloud Computing how the computing power is provided as an on-demand service through a public network, is basically the internet.

Cloud computing gives your enterprise numerous benefits. It permits you to line up what’s commonly a digital place of work to offer you the pliability of connecting to your enterprise anywhere and every time. With the growing range of Internet-enabled devices applied in nowadays business putting get right of entry to in your statistics is even easier. If you’re in search of convenience and price effectiveness as soon as it entails hosting, cloud computing has to be your desire.