What are the benefits of WordPress hosting?

What are the benefits of WP solutions from HostingRaja?

There are more than 74 million websites and web blogs hosted on WordPress,  as stated by WordPress. But individuals usually get puzzled with web hosting options available to host their WordPress based blogs and websites.

WordPress is one of the powerful and free to use content management system, which contains broad range of features and tools for designing fully functional business websites and blogs. Since its beginning in 2003, the platform has made considerable progress and has now risen as a dependable website development solution for proficient sites, online stores and ecommerce websites. It does not surprise anyone that more than a quarter of websites and blogs today are powered up by WordPress CMS. The advantages of benefiting this website development are perpetual, and couple of the benefits of WordPress hosting are listed below.

Excellent Security: WordPress is most frequently using CMS platform  due to this, it is most targeted by hackers and unwanted threats. HostingRaja monitors these unwanted threats regularly and our team of experts constantly update the platform to ensure that your website is secure and protected from all types of unwanted threats including malware, viruses and other hacking related attempts.

When you website is important part of your online business, it is much important, not just could a hacked or compromised website or blog damage your reputation, you could also lose your potential customers. Getting top level of security is one of the most crucial reasons you should upgrade to HostingRaja’s WordPress hosting.

Faster Loading WebsiteThe popularity of a blog or website fully rely on the loading of it. Undoubtedly, if your website or blog takes too much time to upload when your visitors try to open it, then they will surely run away from your website and never come back again to your website. As a result of this you will see huge decrease in your traffic.

In traditional hosting, websites may take longer time to load but you choose for WordPress hosting your website will load much faster because it will be hosted on SSD drives and website load as quick as possible on users systems.

Excellent Customer SupportIt is not hidden that customer support is like backbone of any kind of web hosting service. WordPress hosting solution offered by a reliable WordPress host like HostingRaja comes with excellent customer support service by team of experts which is always there to handles any kind of WordPress related issues.

Regular Updation to Recent Version: Most of the WordPress based websites often get compromised due to outdated plugins and other core files. But when you choose WordPress hosting from us, you do not have to worry about frequent update of your website because any kind of new update available will be done automatically with HostingRaja.

Easy To Use: One of the well-known feature of WordPress CMS is its ease of use. Anyone with less knowledge or without coding knowledge can become expert at the time playing with the software and application because it contains an easy to use interface. This CMS platform comes with inbuilt dashboard in which user can create new pages, post new articles or create categories and many more without any difficulty.

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