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 What is static website ?

Let’s find out what is dynamic web hosting services to host a website. Example you may have a simple website with few pages like a 4 ~ 5 pages website which will have pages like Home, About Us and Services and Contact us pages, this website will have static HTML files with only CSS and JS, These websites are called static websites. This static websites do not require any dynamic website functionality such as a PHP and MySQL these websites are delivered quickly from Apache without any processing these are called static website.

What is dynamic website ?

Let’s find out what is dynamic website. Dynamic website means the websites are generated dynamically in the web server using the help of PHP and any other programming languages by interacting with file system or databases which needs specific type of hosting services. For example you may see a website, like a ticket booking website or eCommerce website hosting or any other portal, these are good example for dynamic website. So whenever any content is created or any pages created, it is generated content dynamically based on the user input and user action that’s why it’s called as a dynamic website

Content management system as dynamic website

Let’s find out what is content management system. Content management system is sometimes called as a CMS. CMS stands for content management system and there are various content management systems are available in open source community. If you look at open source CMS there are wordpress, Joomla, and drupal. WordPress is widely used content management system in the world and more than 40% of the websites in the world are powered by wordpress. WordPress is such a easy content management system that anybody can manage a complete website without any technical knowledge that’s why it so much popular among the internet members for managing a website.

What is required for dynamic pages from the server

To support dynamic web pages anyway server should have a Apache server and programming languages support and database servers like my mysql and mongo DB. If you ask me a question, PHP sites as a dynamic website ? the answer for it yes we can consider PHP sites is a dynamic website.