Two Step Verification; Why do you need to rethink your Website Security

If you intended to make your business a part of the internet, you cannot oversee or underestimate the power of ever-reaching hackers. Today almost 50% of the websites are considered vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Instead of targeting unknowing common users, the hackers gone after professionals for their high-value assets. Be it the highly covered twitter handle @ N attack or the often unnoticed security breach, one thing stands clear; Today the hackers are concerned with the asset-value rather than ease of procedure.

Inadequacy of single step verification procedure

An ever intrusive and increasing security risks has always remained to be a key aspect of internet. With the passing time the hackers has added tools and new skills to their portfolio. But most of the internet accounts are still secured by the traditional user-name/password locks. Today most of the internet users establish associated accounts through which one hacked account can be a direct doorway to another parallel account. From the primitive password guessing activities, today the hacking has evolved into an activity combining the social-technical skills. Consider a situation where your hosting provider is endowed with all the essential information about your paypal account. If the hacker gains access to your hosting account, now he can act as your alias to gain your paypal details. Here a single-step log-in credentials are plainly inadequate to ensure your online security.

What is two Step Verification

The two step verification adds an additional screening to the traditional user-name/password verification. While the user logs-in, he can add an additional information to their existing account. These are often quintessential user gadgets such as mobile numbers or his second personal emails.

How Two Step Verification Works

Most of the authorized white-hat hackers has put the simple two step verification process as the most securing procedure, ahead of even the other complex verification technologies. For example the glitches at the present fingerprint recognition technology has proven too easy to crack; But the two step procedure puts the account accessing information directly in the vicinity of the real user.

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