Top Digital Marketing Trends

How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2018: Top Trends

The shift into year 2018 also comes with a change in digital marketing trends. Latest trends are getting introduced in the marketplace everyday and being owner of online business you need to pay huge attention to these new trends otherwise you may be lose the competition. With the increase of doing business online you need to become more noticeable on the web and reach more customers throughout the world, the digital marketing of tomorrow offers improvements in rising technologies as end-users want more unified experience.


Being in the online industry for more than 20 years, I feel very fortunate to have chased few of the surprising changes in the field of digital marketing and technology. I am damn sure you will also have enjoyed living through, chasing and working on these changes too. We have seen exceptional increase in the importance of organic search, paid search and social media  marketing and many more, recently there is a huge growth in the usage of smartphones and mobile phones.


Artificial Intelligence Will More Grow in 2018

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not new in the industry – in actual fact, you possibly interact with AI in marketing in daily basis, for example when see any advertisements in search results as well as on social media sites. And more than 57% off online marketer make use of Artificial Intelligence. Although, the usage of Artificial Intelligence for marketing related task is going to grow as the technology improves on regular basis.

Growth in Voice Search

With the growth of voice searches and already 20% of the searches happens through voice, it is clear that it is going to grow more in 2018. Improvement in voice devices and technology make it much easier for Internet users to simply ask their questions and get all the details from their devices.


This is one of the more practical way to interact with machines using allows for a more natural way to interact with machines using voice. So as a Internet marketer you need to concentrate on voice searches in 2018 and make sure your website is optimized for voice search. 


User Experience Marketing will Grow

User experience marketing will grow more in 2018. So you need to ensure that your customers and users are having good experience when you market to them. Customer/user experience marketing is gaining huge popularity and 68% of the online marketer says that their business is more and more concentrating on user experience marketing.

Growth in Video Advertising

Video advertisements has gained huge popularity and in 2017, 90 percent of the user-shared content was in video format. With the growth in viewing videos based contents on the various kind of devices than ever before, for brands.


With the audience viewing more video on a wider range of devices than ever before, for brands to be noticeable and create meaningful professional relationships with the users, they must know how to take the advantage of video-based marketing across wide range of platforms to get the huge attention of their targeted viewers.


Video marketing and advertising will prove much fruitful for the online brands and businesses seeking to advertise their products and services online in 2018.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the other top marketing trend and it will keep growing in 2018. It is one of the trends which will never become old. But what most matter is valuable and user-centric content. We should still concentrate more on sharing interesting, informative and user-centric contents so that users can engage more.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is going to become another trends in digital marketing 2018. There are few online brands such as L’Oreal’s makeup, their application make use of virtual reality technique to allow their users to apply makeup online virtually. With the help of this app their user can see and feel how they will look after using their products. Elle, A worldwide popular lifestyle magazine recently formulated virtual reality to its magzine to create a 360-degree virtual tour of its photo shoot.


Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing is going to be an important part of Digital marketing in 2018 because most of the influence marketers have a more direct and personal connection with their big audience. Influencer marketers are more likely to recognize their audience much better. It plays an important role because more than 71% of the online buyers are more likely to purchase something online based on the social media reference.



Security will be the top trends of 2018 in digital marketing. If you have not already implemented in to your website so, you should without any doubt implement an SSL certificate on your web page in 2018. Not only to make sure your website is safe and secure but to improve your organic ranking.

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