Top Android Business / Office Productivity Apps that Saves Your Time and Money

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A recent Harvard survey showed that successful business people have adapted a mobile-first policy, utilizing mobile apps to make their life easier and efficient. At their unbelievably busy life, the mobile apps have been showed to save up-to 15% of their working time. If following success is your style, then its time to take the cue from them at choosing these common Android business apps that can make your life streamlined for the fast lane. I have also included some personal favorite, which I hope you would appreciate.

Evernote Mobile App

Even among its numerous substitutes, the evernote still rules for its easy no-fuss UI and availability across all the platform. For me this a tool where I can jolt down my ideas, when and where it happens to me. With the additional tagging metrics, now you can search and locate your favorite note’s with the search, Geo-location and mapping information. For me this a tool where I can take down my best ideas, without getting bothered about being on the wrong-side

MailTracker for IOS, The E-Mail Tracking App

Presently this app tool is available only for IOS, but the developers are are toiling nights to develop its Android equivalent. But this may be the best email tracking tool available for businesses who depends on email marketing to get the message across to customers. This tools gives you an indication each time the user opens your email, means you can always have a track for the total e-mail’s send and those who got opened. It can be an accurate method for tracking effective response rate with email marketing and other similar methods. Here the user engages you among the main notifications to get notified.

PrinterShare™ Mobile Print

This app connects your smart-phone to your office or home Intranet from any part of the globe. With this app you can send a command to print your PDF, word, excel documents from any part of the world. As a bonus, with the android app you can gain direct access to your Google Cloud, Remote server mode, compatibility with both Windows and MAC devices…

Cloud Magic

With cloud magic you may never need to juggle your different email accounts at your cloud server. This apps allows you for integrate, manage and collaborate the different email accounts. This app is gives you an effective alternative to individual email clients such as G-mail or Microsoft Live. But my personal favorite is how it allows me to save my data accumulation system – the evernote.

Documents To Go

With today’s higher processor powered smart-phone devices, there is rarely any limit to the work you can accomplish on the go. For a starter, you can edit and screen the documents on the go with the versatile Documents To Go. From the makers of the original mobile office suit, the latest installment effortlessly opens any of the Microsoft Office files and lets you view the Adobe PDF Files. It also allows you View, edit, save, and sync your edited files with Microsoft account or Google account.