Top 25 PHP Frameworks 2018

PHP Framework:

PHP is a leading and powerful programming language which permits the user to develop the huge web applications. Some of the other scripting languages which can be used in the place of PHP are ASP and Ruby. But PHP is still considered as the most popular and well suitable. PHP’s is easy to learn and use, compared to other scripting languages. PHP works based on the Model View Controller (MVC) fundamentals. MVC is the architectural pattern highlighted in numerous popular programming languages which breaks apart your domain logic from your user interface.

PHP frameworks are very much popular among most of the PHP developers in the marketplace today because it has provided a wide platform to build more complex, secure, and well-structured web applications in very less time. The frameworks are designed to improve the security level , make each and every websites easier to upgrade and also reduce the time to build complex web applications. So we have put together some of the best 25 PHP frameworks of 2018 that can help you to speedup your web development. The PHP frameworks which we have listed here are highly analysed based on its features and popularity that can be useful for both the experienced and beginners.

  • Laravel

  • Symfony

  • Codeigniter

  • YII

  • Phalcon

  • Zend

  • Aura

  • Fuel PHP

  • PHPixie

  • Kohana

  • Flight

  • Nette

  • Silex

  • Prado

  • Zikula

  • Fat Free

  • Cake PHP

  • Zoop

  • Yet-another-framework

  • Agavi


  • Qcodo

  • Seagull

  • Blueshoes

  • Webasyst

Let’s have a brief detailed information about each of them:

Laravel Framework

Laravel is the top level open source php framework which is highly preferred by most of the developers because of its excellent documentation, robust features like Blade Templating Engine, Artisan, eloquent ORM, Middleware, PHPUnit for Unit Testing, Restful controllers and many more.

Symfony is  considered as the standard foundation on which some of the best PHP applications are built because of its fast maintenance and Elimination of many repetitive coding tasks.

Symfony Framework

Codeigniter Framework

Codeigniter is the best  choice for the beginners to start with their Development journey through php frameworks. It has very easy to handle the complex task in a smooth manner by using its vast features like built-in protection against attacks such as XSS and CSRF,flexible URI Routing,large library of “helper” functions and lots more.

YII is an lightweight and flexible framework which has utilized many modern technologies into it to make developer work much easier. It has extensive set of features like Form input, validation with Ajax support, Built-in authentication and powerful user management extensions etc.

YII Framework

Phalcon Framework

Phalcon is well known for its speed and consumes less memory usage according to Systems Architect. It has very beautiful features like C-extensions are loaded together as a one time process,universal auto-loader,translation, caching, and many others.

Zend is a professional framework commonly used for powerful enterprise-level applications.  It is built with many set of features like supports strong cryptography tools and password hashing techniques,fluent interfaces and abstract classes,good performance etc.

Zend Framework

Aura is a famous framework which enables you to build apps completely independent of your data with clean coding. Here each library is self enclosed and do not rely on any further package.

Fuelphp is a simple powerful framework which was built specifically for PHP 5.3.  It has many built in modular structure and complete flexibility on how to use components and reuse the existing code in a systematic manner  and maintaining it much easier.

PHPixie is an full featured object-oriented PHP framework which has small size package that gives very fast performance. It is much simpler and ideal for servers to manage due to its less resource consumption,that is the most expected thing of the full stack developers who are willing to use this strict framework architecture for building their applications.

Kohana is most popular, stylish and scalable open source php framework that has rich set of components for building web applications. If offers many features like profiling and debugging tools,encryption, validation, database access and so on.

Flight is a simple,restful high performance framework for building quality web applications in short time. It provide good support for major of basic things like routing, error handling, JSON sending and request and more.

Nette is good innovative php framework for fast and easy development of secured web applications in PHP. It has focused on complete web aspects like design, code usability and security,performance,seo friendly and so on.

Silex is a bigger well known php micro framework built on Symfony2 components useful for creating smaller applications. It has tried to make much easier to tie in to the third party libraries also allows developers to avail a set of built in features and functionality available in the package.

Prado is a modern php framework which gives highly user-interactive for your web applications. It Mainly promotes object-oriented programming by its component-based methodology and has many expected features like XHTML compliant,powerful exception handling, generic caching and selective output caching,extensible authentication and authorization, cross-site script (XSS) prevention, cookie protection etc.

Zikula is fully modular object oriented php framework used for building single page applications. It act as a bridge between CMS and PHP applications because of this multi task capability it utilizes most of the popular Bootstrap 3 framework and Font Awesome 4 integrated on it for building responsive websites.

Fat Free is a robust php micro framework with easy navigation to the directory, subdirectory structures and overcomes application complexity problem. This framework comes with lots of newly features like supports both sql and no sql database,css compressions,image processing,prevent your server from spam and DoS attacks, by performing DNSBL checks etc.

CakePHP is an ideal and oldest framework which has retains its user base in market place by its fruitful nature of keeping entire application consistent and logical. It is having a good built in code generation with scaffolding functionality to increase the speed of development & numerous packages to carry out general functionalities.

Zoop is a flexible and extendable framework useful for both experienced and beginners coders for handling their projects easily and quickly. Features available in this framework are Gui Controls and Smarty templating system,AJAX user interface with no page reloading,pdf creation mode available and many more.

Yet-another-framework is a good mvc tool which is written c language created and used as a php extension. It provides base functionality for the developer to create extra features he needs, so it is considered as a speediest and the lowest resource consuming PHP structure.

Agavi is one of the best secure php framework which operates on MVC design pattern that are clean and maintainable by the developer. It is designed as xml based configuration system which provides very flexible environment to the users also created application can be accessible through command line interface.

POPPHP is a free lightweight open source php framework for building larger applications. It has many commonly used php features like increase website loading time,PDF Generation,SMTP support,Image Manipulation etc.

Qcodo is famous for its quality structure and quick solutions making developers free from unnecessary, tedious coding. It has a collections of built in features like  PHP based AJAX support,database profiling tools, controller library,Object oriented database querying library and lots more.

Seagull php frameworkis preferable for building web, command line and GUI applications. It provides a number of sample applications that can be customised and extended to suit your needs in short period. Features available in this framework are PEAR libraries,easy to integrate with third party code,object-relational mapper for rapid application development etc.

Blueshoes is a very neat and structured framework which provides real world solutions for common system components. It is include with many exciting features like Access rights,onLoad javascript stuff,Strong file-upload structure, Auto-persisting of submitted forms to database and so on.

Webasyst is a multi app user interface,enterprise collaboration platform for building larger websites. It has a rich features included in its architecture like  CSS classes for quick backend UI design,single backend sign-in interface etc.