Top 10 Tips for PHP developers

Here are the top 10 tips that for the PHP developers that can help you build a better code and is optimised for better security and faster execution and lot more.

Use the Frameworks when necessary

The frameworks are designed to provide the specific functionality of the code to be written and even the complete structure of how the code has to be. Though the frameworks are useful they are computed slowly when compared with the core PHP code. So limit the usage of any framework.

In some other case, the frameworks offer coding flexibility to the developers while developing the complex functions. So it can be concluded that the analyzing the necessity of the framework within the code can suggest you whether to use or not to use the framework.

Use PHP inbuilt functions

PHP provides lots of inbuilt functions in its coding environment. It is always a better option to use the PHP inbuilt functions that will save the time and cost of the project. When you ignore inbuilt function and write the new functions for it. It will consume lots of lines and gives way to unnecessary loops. So always have the habit of using PHP inbuilt functions to write a better code.

While developing enable the Error Reporting.

When you start coding it is always a better option to opt for the error reporting on. It will help report the error instantly so that you can proceed with no error and the end of it. It can help you understand the errors easily and even helps you improve your coding knowledge.

Be isolated from anything ending with _once()

The include() simply throws the warning when the condition fails and require() ends up with a fatal error and kills the script. We should always remember that require_once() and include_once() are extremely hard on the server resources.


Using post is always a better option when compared GET. The post is secured compared to GET as GET opens the door for the hackers. GET Is though the easiest way to do pagination and permalinks but at least when using the submission especially better stay with the POST as it a safer option.

Draw Before You Code

This states that you must write the coding algorithms before you start coding. You must sketch what should be your coding structure on the page so that there will not be the space for the unused codes written in the source code. This could help you save the time and cost of the project.

Use the braces

PHP is one programming language that makes the extensive use of the flow control and if else statement. So it becomes the important factor to maintain the clarity so that even it makes sense for the others who try to understand the code and also keeps you away from the confusion while coding.

Use single quotes instead of double quotes

You must be assured that the different coding languages used in a script should be isolated and there should not be the knot that helps to result from a confusion and out an unpredicted value. Using the quotes in the code is critical in the coding structure.

It is always better to use single quotes for echo statements as using the double code could be the problem with HTML tags.

Smaller and smarter code

The one who writes the 1000 lines code can’t be said as the good developer. A smaller and the smarter code is always preferable. The code should not simply eat the resources in looping while computing the values.  The best possible compact and a high functional code are always appreciated.

Avoid using $_request

Using the &_request to get the variable values is unsafe. $_request gest both the get and post variables and gives way to the intruders. Always have a tendency of avoiding the $_request to be at the safer side.

Implementing the above factors in your coding structure you can ensure that the optimised and secured code is written.