Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends 2018

As it was being asked what will be digital marketing trends in 2018 the whole last year. We bring to you the some of the most beneficial digital marketing trend that will prevail in the year 2018.

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Here we will discuss some of the digital marketing trends that will be beneficial for all types online businesses.


Customer Mapping – As there has been an increase in the complexity of marketing and digital marketing there has evolution in the approaches towards the internet marketing. The latest digital marketing trend has been through customer mapping. Customer mapping is a way by which the digital marketer finds out the ways by which they understand the trends when the business had the most relevant type of communication with the customer through different phases of a customers journey. The best way of practicing it would be by keeping yourself in customers shoes and then practicing the digital marketing.

Reality Viewing – This is the most current form viewing and engaging the potential customers. This type of strategy would be best when you have a targeted customers and you just want them to view your ads. In the coming months many of the social media platforms will using this technology so as to engage their viewers in a better way.

Targeted Ads – As the world is moving at a very fast pace, people have very little attention span as they are viewing so many ads throughout the day. It might not be necessary that your ad will viewed or remembered. Moreover mobiles will have more conversion ratios as compared to desktop or any other device.

Professional Videos – Videos were the trend in the past year and it will be this year as well. Many of the social media platforms have started their live media platforms from where more and more number of businesses are able to show up their business across the world.

Video Marketing – Video marketing was one of the major ways of digital marketing in the past year and it will remain as one of the major ways of digital marketing in the present day as well. A proper video marketing can have a great and positive impact on your business. As the attention span is decreasing for humans on a daily basis, many of the digital marketers are focusing on video marketing to converse with the potential customers.


Personalising the Messages – Everyone might be experiencing huge number of emails but without any personalisation and most of us don’t even open it. Hence to reap benefits one must be able to personalise the messages to whomever you want to show your messages.

Cost Per Experiment is the Future – With so many types of digital marketing metrics available it has become really difficult which one is the best metric structure. Hence in the near future more and more number of digital marketers will be running a cost per experiment structure to measure the results generated from advertising.

Native Advertising – One of the best ways to attract customers is by communicating with them in their native language. Engaging with the audience in their native language and keeping it as a priority helps the business be known among the targeted customers. Viral sharing through native advertising helps the business to build relation with the target customers.

Voice Marketing – The number of voice queries on search engine like Google is increasing at a rapid rate. In 2018 Marketers will have to create the content that will capture these searches and advertising it in a non-traditional way.

Different Types of Content – It is a fact that content is a King but not all types. With different types of engaging tactics coming each day. Content marketing is not all about writing the blog and then posting it. It will be much more engaging in the near future.

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