The Reason, Why do you have to start your reseller business with us ?

Looking for Worlds best Linux Reseller Hosting Provider! You are at a right place because HostingRaja is one of the best and most trusted Linux Reseller web hosting provider. With our Linux based reseller plans, we permit web developers to take the benefits of most popular open-source programs like PHP 5, MySQL, CGI, PostgreSQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, SSH access etc. This makes them very easy to manage any website. One of the main reason behind our popularity as a best Linux reseller hosting service provider is our lowest cost unlimited reseller hosting packages, our Linux reseller hosting plan starts from Rs.1200/mo. Which is one of the lowest in the hosting industry.

HostingRaja Reseller Hosting services are affordable and good for a start-up business. HostingRaja Reseller Hosting is the perfect platform if you have a plan of earning money from the hosting environment. Our reseller hosting plans come with numerous features which will be helpful in running a successful business. The Reseller Plans provided by HostingRaja are the most affordable compared to others reseller providers and it comes with all the required features.

HostingRaja Linux Reseller Hosting Plans

At HostingRaja we have 3 different Linux reseller server hosting plans and we offer starter Linux reseller hosting with cpanel just for Rs.1200/month with all the essential features. One more thing you need to keep in mind that we charge the same amount during the renewal of your hosting account. There are many hosting companies charging extra for cpanel but at HostingRaja we provide our valuable customers with a free cpanel tool which makes them very easy to manage their websites. With our starter Bronze Linux hosting plan you get some amazing features like- 75 GB Web Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Free Softaculous, Free Cpanel / WHM, 1GB Dedicated RAM and more CPU power. If you are looking for more Web space, more RAM and higher CPU power then you need to go for our Gold or Unlimited plan. Even other 2 Linux reseller hosting packages are also available at an affordable price. Looking for linux with java hosting support! Our linux hosting support all Java related applications and technologies such as JSP, Tomcat, JavaBeans etc.

Linux Web Hosting PlansLinux Website Hosting IndiaLowest Cost Linux Hosting Plans

Do you know the basic difference between linux hosting vs windows hosting? If not read it here– If you opt for Linux hosting, you have a vast options like basic CGI script support to many other high-level programming languages like Perl, Php, XML, Ruby & Rails etc. Whereas in Windows you get access only to Microsoft powered technologies like.Net, Asp etc . Linux is most preferred and highly secured option as compare to Windows.

Who Needs Linux Reseller Hosting?
If you are planning to host lots of websites or want to start hosting business but don’t have any technical skills and knowledge, then Linux reseller hosting is the best option for you. At HostingRaja we provide our customers with a team of professionals which is available round the clock to help our clients that is the reason why we are ranked on the top as a best linux reseller hosting sites in India. You are in need of Linux Reseller hosting if your website is developed using Linux based applications and technologies. Our hosting packages are compatible with all Linux technologies. We also support all top notch languages, technologies in our Linux hosting such as PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby and XML.

Features of Our Linux Hosting Reseller Plans
We provide our customers with full featured Linux reseller hosting solution that features:

  • No cost of Hosting Account Setup and Installation
  • No hidden cost and extra charges
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime SLA with the most secure web servers
  • Multilingual Support
  • Custom Linux Reseller Hosting plans available based on your needs
  • Free and easy installation of third party software and applications
  • 24/7/365 dedicated support team
  • Free Domain and Website Builder tool

So what are you waiting for! Sign up for our high quality Linux Reseller hosting packages today.


As more and more number of people are coming online so is the opportunities in reseller hosting have increased. There has been a great increase in the reseller web hosting services.

Reseller starts its hosting services expecting the growth. One of the best ways by which a company can receive the growth is by choosing a Best Linux reseller hosting provider that gives the best service. One should always remember that a reseller web host requires the perfect scalability in its plans. When you choose HostingRaja as your reseller hosting partner. You will be provided with the best features with affordable pricing.
There has been a recent study which states that web hosting market has experienced a huge growth in the past year. E-commerce is also experiencing a steady growth over the past year. More and more number of people are coming online these days which will only be adding the demand for the services online and a web hosting service. Hence there is more opportunities for reseller hosting services. Small and medium companies are the best options for a reseller hosting company.
Where should the Reseller be Focussing?
According to a recent study, there is a huge demand for web hosting services in India. Hence this has led to a great deal of opportunity for reseller web host across India. There are many big investment firms that are backing up hosting web services in India. Many India companies have started proving hosting services at exceptionally low rates, which many of the big multinational companies are finding it difficult to beat.

When it comes to HostingRaja, our servers are located in each part of India. Giving our customers the best performance it requires in the hosting services.
HostingRaja Reseller Hosting
Purchasing a reseller hosting package is the best platform from where you can earn income from a Hosting environment.  Our Reseller Hosting packages comes with best features that will help you customers in the easiest way possible.

Our packages includes the features that will assist you in gaining more hosting customers. Our reseller package consists of features which adds extra level of convenience to the customer. You can divide the allotted resources and sell them according to your business needs. All the support that is needed related to the website will be provided by us.

Our reseller hosting plan is the best way of earning a huge money. Our reseller hosting packages comes with features such email, programming, CMS system and blog software, E-commerece, forums, galleries etc. We will be providing 24*7 support to make you feel comfortable from your end. One of the key features will be that provided to you is an easy hosting management option.

Some of the points that needs to be remembered while choosing our services are as follows:
Price: When you choose a reseller hosting plackage the most important concept that requires to be considered is the price with correct specifications that you are looking for. But one should always remember price shouldn’t be the only concern while choosing a service.

Technical Specification: Once you have decided to choose a reseller hosting service, you must know how the reseller business you want to grow. If you are planning to host websites in your reseller pack with rich media content then we would suggest you not to go with a cheap reseller hosting package as it would not do any good for your business.

Bandwidth Limitations: Most of the reseller server package has bandwidth limitations. Hence always make sure you do not end up paying extra for your services.

Technical Support: Technical support is another major thing to consider while choosing a web hosting service. Hence we make sure that we provide the best support to our customers 24*7 through live chat, email, phone and support tickets.

These were some of the main and important points to consider while choosing a Reseller Hosting package for your business.

Build your brand as a reseller

One of the most important thing for a brand name to be popular is by conveying the message it delivers to the public.In this highly competitive environment especially in the internet world the message conveyed by a web hosting company plays a major role.

Reseller hosting can be defined as the type of hosting service which will allow your web hosting to be sold to other clients by dividing them into different parts. In this type of web hosting service the host from where you have purchased the reseller hosting account not not be a roadblock for your brand. Hence you will be able to start your own hosting business with your own brand name.

Some of the main reasons why one Can become a Reseller are as follows:

  • You will be able to set up the websites for your near and dear ones
  • You can even expand your business, by offering this service
  • You can start a Hosting business on your own by choosing the best reseller hosting package

If you are serious in creating a Brand name through your Reseller Hosting first and the foremost thing that needs to be considered which type of reseller hosting plan should I choose. Not all web hosting plans are same.
Different Types of Reseller Hosting provided by Hostingraja
There are different types of Reseller Hosting packages available. A normal reseller hosting package is equivalent to a shared hosting services with some extra features. For a better power and control you can often resell the space when you purchase a VPS, cloud or dedicated server.

You will be getting good discounts when you purchase a Reseller package from us. Some of the standard features that you will be provided with while choosing a Reseller hosting service are as follows:

  • cPanel and WHM
  • You will be able to Sell different styles of hosting
  • Ability to offer your users unlimited disc space and bandwidth
  • SSL certificate
  • One-click installer.

These are some of the features that you will receive while choosing a Reseller hosting service for your business.

As we all know web hosting solutions is one of the core feature for any kind of e-business opportunity. As we all know each website needs a server to funcyion and be live. A hosting space is required for the functioning of the website. Proving a web hosting service is one of a kind of business opportunity in Itself and we here at HostingRaja wants to make new Indian entrepreneurs through our hosting service.

By purchasing a reseller hosting plan you will be able to start a new brand for your business without investing a lot of money in it.

Some of the simple steps by which you can create you hosting brand presence are as follows:
1. Choosing the Right Reseller Hosting Plan – There are many option available when it comes to reseller hosting. Hence one should choose the most suitable reseller hosting plan according to the requirements. When you choose a reseller hosting option you will be provided with a server resources which you will be able to divide at a later stage.  Hence it becomes really important that you  keep an eye on the features that you receive when you purchase a Reseller Hosting plan.

You can even buy VPS or Dedicated Servers for more resources. One of the another thing that needs to be kept in mind is the reliability of the plan you will be purchasing from. A reliable source like will assist you in growing your website at a much faster pace while a cheap reseller host can bring a lot of inconvenience and havoc.

2. Coming up with a good Hosting Plan – One of the most important thing that needs to be remembered is the the way you bundle your hosting package and offer it for sale. It should be different from how others would be selling in the market.

These were some of the simple ways by which you can build your brand using Our Reseller Hosting Plan.