Social Media Boon Or curse?

As every Coin has two sides everything has advantage and disadvantage. Social media can be a boon or curse it depends on our use the way we utilize it. Let us first see what is social media? Today everyone has access to internet and using internet people are connected to social media.
Social Media
Social Media

It is a platform which enable people to share and exchange their views, interest, information etc.

Top Social Media Platforms

There are hundreds of social media sites available on, but the best of them are mentioned below.
Facebook: – At present it has billions of users all over the world. Using Facebook, you can connect to your friends, family members. You can share your views with everyone and get their opinion on it by others.
Twitter: -This can be used to connect with your favorite celebrity. You can follow them and stay updated about their every move. Here also you can tweet and people can retweet it also like it.
LinkedIn: -It is a social media but in terms of business and profession. You can upload your work and area and get connected with the same field. You can follow people who recruit or belong to the same field as that of yours.
Pinterest: A place to share image and information together. You can add pictures and link them to the website which has complete information about a certain topic. Here also, you can like the images shared by other people in place of retweet or share you can pin it to your board.
Google Plus: – With Google Gmail you can also use many features like G+, Youtube, Google drive. One of the best features is G+ You can express your opinion here and people can like and comment on it.

Advantages Of Social Media: -

There are many advantages of social media like you can express your views in public using any of the social media platforms. You can also check you friends location and new updates from them. There are many cases in which social media has helped getting a help. Any natural disaster when takes place people from various areas spread message using the social media try to help the needy. You can talk to a person who is some miles away from you, many social media has a video on call facility using which you can have a video conference with many of your friends together. You can know about new events that are going to take place in your city by following a specific page.
there are many uses of social media these are only few which was explained above.

Disadvantages of social media: -

Disadvantages of social media include excess time spent in social media sites. Such sites are at times like addiction you get so addicted to such site that you check them at certain intervals. Excess use of anything is harmful. People waste their time by using this site for long times. Friendship with unknown people can lead to some unexpected incident. Hackers are the other danger which can cause harm to our account. As we all upload our photos in social media when hacked our photos can be used in wrong ways.

How to Use Social Media?

Fix a certain time for usage of social media every day.
Don’t exceed the time which you have fixed for yourself.
Don’t add unknown people to your friend list.
Be careful of hackers.
Don’t post anything on you wall which can be offending for others.

Boon or curse? It depends on how you use it. If used properly and carefully can be a boon, if used in a wrong way by simply wasting your time on social media will give you nothing so utilize your time in a proper way. Use social media to stay connected with the people who are far away from you and enjoy it.