Simple 4 steps to increase your website speed and SEO Rankings

If you want your business to be the #1 in the current tough competition, you need to work hard on the small areas too. Apart from strong link building and optimized website content, you need to find some way to optimize in areas where you don’t have competition in order to make it to the #1 spot for your relevant but competitive keywords. For most of all types of businesses, one area where one can achieve this is by thoroughly testing and optimizing their website’s speed.

Inprove Website Speed to Increase SEO Rank

1) Lossless Compression of Images

The current good and modern websites use images to convey their ideas and keep their customers engaged. Though this is best way, but it also causes problems like more website loading time. This in turn can make your customer’s wait for long and make them unhappy. Make sure that the images used in your website aren’t of huge sizes and give your customer’s a happy experience and increase your SEO rankings. You can do this by “loosless compression” images which mean to shrink the image sizes without sacrificing image quality. Make sure you image file types like – .gif, .png & .jpg which are web optimized.

2) Keep sensible Multimedia on your website

In order to build and effective and engaging website, make sure that you don’t carried away and add irrelevant multimedia on your website. This might only make your website less user-friendly and might decrease our SEO rankings. Before planning a website, make a list of important images and multimedia that will help making your website engaging without confusing them. This will also help to optimize the website load time and in turn improve SEO rankings.

3) Choose a Reliable Hosting Provider

This might not be the first place to look to optimize your website load time, but if no other changes is helping to optimize your website load time, then it makes sense to look at your hosting provider. If you had spent less time comparing different hosting providers you might have end up choosing an unreliable hosting provider who might not be providing less than the ideal services. In such cases you can always transfer to a reliable hosting provider.

4) Remove or Replace Unneeded Code

If your site is old and you have been using it from a long time, then sometime it might happen that lots of old codes and programs that are of no longer use are still there on your site. This can slow down your website particularly if the code is asynchronous.


While the conclusion is that don’t ever underestimate the website load time or the speed to get to that #1 spot for the competitive keywords. This minor changes and improvements to your website without much investment can lead to a noticeable increase in ROI of your website and your business.