Seven Magneto Plug-ins That Makes a Difference at your E-commerce

At today’s circumstances, both B2B and B2C can be defined under the common notion of E-commerce; But both of these have diverse custom requirements, specifically suited for each website and purpose. Here the diversity of magneto plug-ins and the flexibility of CMS comes to the rescue…Here are the the list of seven Magneto Plug-ins for your business.

Express checkout

As the first rule for developers, your conversion ratio is inversely proportional to the number of steps at checkout. The express check-out option lets your customers fill-in the order details at the earliest, including the billing address, shipping details and number of pieces all at one page. This invokes the feeling of business finished-earlier, leading to a spike at conversion.

Business Payment Options

This problem is most prevalent with small and medium business across the Country. With the business payment options with-holding, most of the customers tends to go with more comfortable alternate means; An auto currency switcher extension switches your account between the different plug-ins without undue issues.

Facebook and Google Log-ins

Recent studies, shows that the accounts requiring independent user credentials gets far less account log-ins. With integrating these automatic log-ins at your account, now you can log-into your account at minimum time and effort. An additional benefit of using the social log-ins are that there are almost rarely cases of failed attempts.

Magneto Extension Pro

Actually popularized by amazon, almost all the E-commerce providers have adapted the Magneto Related Products paradigm. Behind all the pressed advantages such as cross-selling, product listings, these can also be your favorite usability-factor, to take your visitors back to your website from a finished purchase.

Product Image Zoom

The product Image zoom allows the customers to hover the mouse pointer over an image. Upon this, the image could appear naturally magnified. As the most advanced product images, you can continually utilize this to zoom your images.

Advanced SEO Plug-ins

Here your search engine performance is improved within the CMS software level. All the SEO’s worth their salt, agrees that a website performance can only be built from the ground-up. A good plug-in allows you to set Canonical links, search-engine friendly URLs, site maps automatic updation, site re-linking etc…

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