Search vs Social: Which is the better Digital Marketing Strategy

Every E-commerce owner has to occasionally make this choice; Its a question whether to prioritize search marketing or social marketing; This decision would be reflected at website coding, marketing expenditure, used images, website architecture etc… Although there is no cookie-cutter answer, the search clearly trumps the social for SMB industries.

Predictable Traffic:- The search engine traffic comes through definite search engine positions or SERP. It always follows a stable predictable patterns regarding incoming visitors and conversion ratio’s. According to these you can streamline your product availability and pricing. But the social traffic is inherently characterized by unpredictability; The social traffic is based on a number of varying parameters such as fluctuating user interests, current trending topics, post exposure time etc…

Reach Target Audience; In the search optimization the website keywords dictates the search traffic, Here the target audience uses these keywords to find your your website, exhibiting genuine product-interest and better buyer-intent. But the social visitors are genuinely sporadic. It always has a high bounce rate and low conversion ratio.

Search Marketing has Better Reputation; The search engines have a better reputation than social; As the search engine positions are based on trustworthy algorithmic principles, they reflect the real product-value hierarchy. But the social optimization relies on facebook likes and random tweets which can be easily manipulated.

Social is dependent on Search; The better social marketing strategies involves random people finding and sharing your website at their social profiles. By definition this means that achieving good search traffic is critical towards maintaining open social traffic channels.

At a purely ROI-basis, the search goes well beyond social in the pecking order for small business. If your experience or viewpoints differs, air your opinions in the comment section below.

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