Private VPN V/S Professional Web Host; Where is your Data More Secure

At the recent times we have frequently come across reports where data on industry-leading web hosting providers has been compromised. Its undeniable that we are living at an age of information-theft. Even in the SMB market the sensitive data is taken in great esteem. There are various individual details that could come to great use such as customer database, customer preferences, market trend etc..At these situation you may be tempted to take the stance of Private VPN hosting or simply home server hosting. But these could be potentially more dangerous than an international host.

1. Hacker attacks :- Most of the server attacks comes from external hackers. These external hackers typically utilize the out-of-date coding-elements or server heartbeat facility during these attacks.

2. Employee Malpractices :- According to a recent research disgruntled or greedy employee’s were a considerably greater risk that external hackers. Although professional hosting companies have also discovered vulnerabilities in their system, they also have a better system of tracking and contractual obligation. If you are depending on external IT support, this is seldom the case.

3. Technological security:- The technological hierarchy is always shifting in the hosting world. As a monetary-website you are obliged to be on the leading front of technology. And you have better chances of these with a professional web host.

Although security fears have been echoing in the web hosting arena, its the simple truth that most of VPN attacks goes unreported or even un-recognized. Always make your data secure with private hosting service provider.

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