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Simplified Guide to E-commerce Performance Metrics for Small Buisiness

Its a better understanding of your website that enables you to improve it; The website performance metrics can clearly point to the potential glitches at your website; It also gives you a sharper understanding of your visitors.

C panels: What is its Significance and How you Can Use It

The C panels or control panels is one among the fundamentals of web hosting. The C panel is an API software installed on your web host, capable of monitoring or controlling the various website parameters. The modern

Private VPN V/S Professional Web Host; Where is your Data More Secure

At the recent times we have frequently come across reports where data on industry-leading web hosting providers has been compromised. Its undeniable that we are living at an age of information-theft. Even in the SMB market the

OpenBleed SSL: Everything you need to know and How Protect Yourself

  The recently discovered Openbleed SSL bug has comes as a major shock to the entire Web Industry; The internet was always vulnerable to the hacker attacks and major security scares; But the unprecedented scope and broad