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Why server speed important for your website ?

Speed is the primary factor to be considered when you are planning to buy a hosting service. The reputation of a website is highly dependent on how quickly it reacts to the client’s request. When a website

List of Payment methods used in eCommerce website in India

An eCommerce payment gateway can be called as a software which helps in the transaction between a buyer and a seller. It can also be called as an application service provided by the service provider to the

Azure managed services at HostingRaja

Azure is a simplified cloud computing solution from Microsoft that is designed for building, testing and managing the applications on the global network managed by Microsoft data centers. It provides the software, platforms, and infrastructure as the

Dedicated IP and SSL certificate improves the search engine rankings

Getting ranked on top of the search engine results is one of the major objective behind all the activities related to search engine optimisation. Google or any other search engine takes into account various factors and considerations