Latest WordPress Security Plug-ins for your blog or E-commerce Website



Here we once again, offer you tips for securing your website. From available data, we know that most of our clients are hosting at wordpress websites. Although the benefits of wordpress cannot be under-played, the associated security risks has also undeniably grown. In this article, we provide you with the updated list of wordpress plug-ins for security. Although the website security is vulnerable from various quarters, the implications associated with outdated plugins are the most frequent and mundane(in the sense that they could be easily avoided).

These plug-ins have their functional overlapping; This means that a plug-in could possibly handle the functionality of another; You can choose and install them according to your field requirements.

Wordfence Security

wordfence is free security plug-in that directly access your wordpress root files and checks for infections or spam infiltrations. The creators promises a 100% security for these plug-ins. After-wards the wordfence optimizes the CMS structure delivering upto 50% greater speeds. But the best part its the free live-troubleshooting system, where you can directly co-ordinate with their technical CS team.

WP Graphic Captcha Protection

The traditional spam guard takes its new efficiency and protection with the WP Graphic Captcha Protection. The new version also come with the extra security benefits of adding captcha to the log-in page, user registration, lost password pages etc…This powerful tool adds higher levels of security for the websites.

Lockdown WP Admin

At the times of OPENSSL Theft, a simple password protection is barely enough for website with good traffic. Here the WP Admin password blockages offers you an alternate method for user verification. This plug-in acts by hiding the WordPress Admin (/wp-admin/), when the user is not logged-in. It also allows you to add an optional HTTP authentication directly from WP Admin, along with the custom user-name/password combinations.

IP Block List

As the name points, this prevents the once-identified spammers from accessing your website again. But with the latest version, you need-not wait until you are once-hit. With the submission and web server iptable reports, you start with a detailed-list of identified spammers. You can also tweak the level of security and activity, before the marked IP’s activities are blocked.

BulletProof Security

The bulletproof security is a highly cited wordpress plug-in with wide functionality and capabilities. But among the many, my favorite functionality is its ability to code the log-in urls. In this manner you can secure your wordpress website, even if your log-in credentials are shared by multiple users.For example, if your log-in credentials are, now you can change that to By sharing this url only to your immediate colleagues, you can cut the previous ties and shared passwords of your website. Now a hacker or malicious user cannot access your website, even if he has log-in credentials.