Is hosting really important for SEO

If we take any type of businesses, the most important and profitable customers are those which are close to their business location. It is very important that the website reaches your customers without any problems. It is very important that the businesses reaches the local customers. For this fact it is very important that your website reaches the customers very easily.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very important process by which one can ensure that your business reaches to your customers with much ease. One of the best ways to optimise the website locally is by choosing the web host locally.




Add Your Business Locally

Some of the most prevalent techniques of SEO includes adding the local address, having your website added in local directories and most importantly choosing the web hosting provider that gives its services locally i.e having a website hosted from a hosting company within the country.


Getting Relevant Traffic To your Website

One of the biggest advantages of having your website hosted locally is that you will be increasing the traffic to your website with much ease. More traffic to your website is always a plus but one should always remember to get a relevant traffic to the website. This will help the business to grow in a proper way.


Location of the Web Host

It’s not always necessary that a website visitor will give your business a sale. Suppose if your business is in India and you are getting the website visits from Pakistan or USA wouldn’t give your business a sale or profit as you would want. For the best outcome you would want your business/website be visited from Indian website visitors.


Ranking Your Website through SEO

When a search engine ranks a website one of the most important factor that it determines is the company where the website is hosted. By knowing that where the website is hosted will give the web host a much better idea of where to place the website on the search engines for relevant keywords.


Some of the Additional Benefits of Choosing HostingRaja for Indian Websites are as follows:


Speed Of the Website – Apart from getting a good traffic to your Website, and helping the website to get a better search result there are some other benefit as well. One of such factor includes Speed of the website. A website which is hosted from within the country will load much faster when compared to a website which is hosted from abroad. If the website is taking too long to load, there is a much better chance that the potential customers or website visitors might lose interest in your website and might choose your competitors website.


Better Security – As it is a known fact that security of the website is another important factor for any website owner. Suppose if the website of your goes down you would want that someone is there who can resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you choose HostingRaja for your web hosting needs, you can be assured that your website is in safe hands.
Location Of IP – The location of the servers provided by the Web Host is an important factor when it comes to ranking of the websites on search engines. Hence it is advised to choose a web hosting service that is providing its services on a local level. Suppose you have a website which is not hosted locally and your target customers are from within the country. This could lead to a negative impact to your business/website.

Support – Always make sure that you choose a web host which provides a 24*7 uninterrupted support. It’s not always necessary that each customer might be able to express its issues in English, hence a support staff which provides support in local languages also gives the website owner much better comfort.


These are some of the important factors that shows the importance of a web hosting service when it comes to SEO. When it comes to HostingRaja we make sure that you are provided with all these factors so that your website could rank better on search engines.


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