Is Dedicated Server helpful for e-commerce Websites?

For an e-commerce business, you need a huge server like a dedicated server. A dedicated server will give the entire control over the server and in the dedicated server arrangement, all the resources of the server are used by only one single client. The dedicated server provides you with much more of flexibility, security, reliability, and scalability than other servers. And to get the predominant components like security, stability, manageability and full control over the server then it is going to be a dedicated server.

A Dedicated server is rented through a single customer or enterprise. This gives the corporation the whole management of the dedicated server and additionally makes the server completely secure, stable, powerful, extraordinarily reliable web hosting server. In dedicated server hosting, the web host gives the web infrastructure and the protection and care of the dedicated server. With this, the customer simply pays for the usage of the server, consequently saving more money and prices on infrastructure, hiring experts, and continuous upkeep and tracking of the server, data center, and its equipment. Even the hardware equipment’ maintenance and the alternative is taken care of by the hosting provider.

Overview of a Dedicated Server:

A dedicated server is a single computer in which a network is reserved for serving the requests of the network. As an instance, some networks must need a few computers to set apart to manage communications among all of the different computer systems. A dedicated server is also a computer which manages the printer resources. In dedicated servers support for the operating systems (OS) depends on the management level, with a dedicated server plan. Support for the operating system consists of updates to the core system to enable the recent patches, security. Kernel updates, application updates, service packs are provided to the OS, so that it is maintained safely and securely. Operating system updates reduces the difficulty of server management, from the owner.

Dedicated servers are usually housed in data centers. The server hardware will be owned by the provider and support for operating systems of application is also provided. When you are using the dedicated servers, you can enjoy the benefits of high performance, email stability, security, and control. Dedicated servers always cost high, it will be used only by the website that has huge traffic.

Advantages of using Dedicated Server for e-commerce Websites:

1)Server resources will not be shared

2)Complete Flexibility

3)Unique IP address

4)Enhanced performance and security

5) No overhead for purchasing or maintaining the equipment

6) Hassle-free Maintenance

7) Technical Assistance and Server Management

8) No Capital or Upfront Expense

9) Not Sharing the Space

10) Administrative powers

Features of using Dedicated Server for e-commerce Websites:

1)Reliable speed: With the help of the dedicated server, the server will be responsible only for supporting them with the website. And dedicated server offers with the huge amount of memory and storage space so you will know that the website can support how much ever traffic and activity it receives.

2)Speed and performance: While using dedicated server hosting there are numerous benefits from the fact that the business will have a server dedicated only to your website. Speed and performance will be very good while making use of the dedicated servers.

3)Good Security: In a dedicated server the entire personal details will be accessible only by the user and that data of the clients will be maintained securely on the server.

4)Good capacity: The Dedicated server has its very own server, basically, the capacity will be unlimited, or it might be limited only by the actual size of the server which is being utilized. As there will be no other websites sharing the server. And it is sure that your server will never crash, even if you have various complicated features on the website.

5)Better control: Choosing a dedicated server rather than a shared web hosting services may cost more, but there will be a huge difference in success and income wise. If there is a better control over the website means that you will be able to modify the web presence whenever you require. The Dedicated Server also improves its appearance and functionality to optimize traffic and sales.

6) Security: One of the best reason why to use a dedicated server for your e-commerce website is that of security. In a dedicated server, there is a certain level of security, and on you and your company will have the access to your server. Vulnerabilities are quite high in shared hosting category. But, when it comes to a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about online threats that might affect your site.

7) Dedicated Resources: If there is an arise on an occurrence of a common server, one server will stack more than numerous websites rather other than yours. In these facilitating administrations the circle space, preparing memory, and assets are given to the outsiders, the uptime speed is decreased. Dedicated servers, as the name itself says dedicated to only one client and in this manner, are a mainstream decision among various companies.