Is Cloud Hosting a Better Option than Normal Hosting?

As the world becomes more digitized, traditional hosting is being replaced by cloud hosting. Here is the list of the few advantages which a cloud hosting has over traditional hosting:-

  • Cloud hosting is a new technology which charges their users pay per use basis , it is like the way a customer is charged for mobile bill or internet bill as per his usage so here a minimal amount is charged unlike traditional hosting.
  • Cloud computing resources which are basically computing , storage and network are rented and consumed on demand over the internet unlike traditional hosting where resources has to be deployed on individual machines and servers.
  • It is scalable , this is one of the main reasons that many companies are shifting to cloud hosting. Scalable means as per the business requirements the resources can be scaled so the investment on the resources is not wasted .

Cloud Hosting India

  • It is also flexible meaning data is easily accessible from any location, at any time and from any device.
  • With more business and enterprises looking for reliability meaning high level of performance in the hosting service , cloud hosting is good option for them as there is minimal chances of failure when it is faced with any issue of high amount of traffic to any particular website or at any peak time.
  • Cloud hosting is feasible in all scenarios when compared to traditional hosting.
  • Cloud servers also does not require much initial set up.
  • Cloud hosting allows to customize and integrate software applications as per the needs and preference of the business like upgradation of latest version of the software and computer processing power which has to be manually done in traditional hosting.
  • In cloud hosting, servers are utilised to the full capacity which saves the energy of the company.The last but not the least one with the world moving to sustainable and environment friendly resource, cloud hosting is environment friendly as it is not maintained in house servers thus reducing the amount of carbon emission.

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