India’s Top social media Platform’s & How can Your Business Use their Reach



At Hosting Raja, when we took the list of India’s Top social media Platform’s, we welcomed a few un-expected longshot’s along with the leading social media platforms. Along with the social media’s inexhaustive capacity to connect and engage, it’s also a great challenge to make oneself visible. It’s a practical pointers for investing in social media campaigns in a competitive business environment. Here is a list of India’s Top social media Platform’s and viable ways to engage with the visitors.


Facebook – India’s Undisturbed Leader in Social Media

At 2015, the Facebook remains undisturbed as the leader of social media, while its influence remains to be a part of our daily life. But with its recent updates, the facebook has made it harder for advertaisers to reach the potential audience, through simply posting their offers and budgets.

Even with the coming of arguably better social media channels, the Facebook has continued to put its mark on the way, customers engage and interact with each other. The facebook ad’s are also a great way of engaging with never-before niche age or group with a particular taste. And you need more creative ways to catch the attention than simply posting usual GIF’s and Pings.

Mobile social media – Finding Customers on the Move

The mobile social media is constantly evolving and rapidly becoming a part of the mainstream marketing. The major sharing and promotional activities in mobile takes place between major social media apps and individual Organization Apps. While the opportunity is enormous, finding creative ways to find and engage new customers would be an increasingly left-brain centric activity. It includes initiating large-rate content sharing, influencing the niche audience and integrating various social media channels.

Instagram – A visual appeal to your Customers

The Instagram is the holds a visually-reassuring and growing customer-base in India. Its a mass-appeal platform to showcase your portfolio to people with a similar taste. If your product or service, needs to visually appealing to the customer, then Instagram is especially made for you…The Instagram is mostly accessed by designers, decorators and advertising agencies.

Twitter – Take your Wit’s platform

If you are proud of your wit, this could be the test-ground turning it into valuable customers. Your tweets is a convincing reason to connect and be personal with your customers. It also encourages users to reply and opionate with a chance of finding a chorus with the business organization.

While it may seem that social media promotion is feasible only for big organization’s with buldging budgets, the small businesses have also successfully utilized them to connect with the audience.