How to use linkedin to drive traffic

How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Linkedin is one of the largest business social networking platform for B2B marketers with more than 500 million users from 200+ countries.  LinkedIn has gained huge popularity for organizations operating in the B2B (Business-to-business) space. A study shows that it is now accountablefor 64% of total visits from social networking platforms to corporate/business websites. In actual fact, more than 50% of the social media traffic produced by the three largest social networks channels (Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter).

A Brief Guide About Using LinkedIn to Drive Traffic

Here in this article we will have a look at the different ways from which we can use LinkedIn to get more traffic to a website. In this post we have shared factors that an individual can use, and few factors the entire organization should execute to make sure that they will get huge traffic to their website. Other than Facebook and Twitter social networking sites, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking platform in the United States.

Here are top ways to drive more traffic to your website using LinkedIn:

1. Complete your profile

Your personal as well as business profile on LinkedIn platform is your first impression on the site. Always make it as good as possible.

Complete your personal details. As a online business, Internet marketer, blogger or Entrepreneur, you are the one who is mostly going to use LinkedIn. Linkedin is a professional B2B social network. People are people, and being a user online we love to communicate to a real person than to a business. So you must complete your personal profile with real details such as name, educational details, job description, professional profile picture and many more..

Create a branded business profile. Always make your business page professional and eye-catching. One of the easiest methods to perform this is via your banner image – keep your banner image branded, but distinguished.  Add your business/company logo for brand identification on website. Share a detailed information about your business or organization in your about section.

2. Grow your connections

Just creating a profile will not help you to drive traffic to your website. In order to drive traffic you need to grow your connections in your Linkedin profiel. A small list of connection will not be helpful for you to generate huge traffic to your website. You should have connections with highly professional people as they are the one see and act on the updates you made on your profile. You can take the advantage of search option available in Linkedin.

3. Be Active on Linkedin

Once you have grown your connections, it is the best time to be active on Linkedin. One of the best way to be active on this network is status update, you can post updates about company, products, valuable information, trending topics etc. As per Linkedin you should update your status atleast 20 times in a month  in order to grow your profile reach to approximately 60% of unique audience on Linkedin.  You can also publish informative articles on Linkedin and share it with your connections.

4. Join Niche Related Groups. Groups are the best place to share articles and website links. LinkedIn Groups offer a platform for professionals and businesses in the same category or with same interests to share your contents, find answers for your queries, post jobs, create business contacts, and present themselves as industry experts. Search and join the groups related to your niche and start sharing in those groups. You can find thousands and millions of members in Linkedin groups which is really helpful generate more traffic.

5. Create a Group

Creating a group on Linkedin should be your top priorities, as it can help you to get lots of quality traffic to your website.  It is an ideal way to share your articles, products, services and links, it will not only help you to get more traffic but it will also help you to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Once you have created your group, you have to increase the members of it. You can invite your connections to join your group.

6. Engage with Your Connections

Similar to any other social network – the more engaging person you are, the more of quality relationship you can create with your connections/networks.

When you post status update, create articles, try to include a question, poll or a personal view. Give your connections a reason to make comments, likes on it. When anyone comments on your updates or articles, make sure to reply it. Always reply to the comments to keep the conversation going because it will help your to build strong relationship with your network.

7. Try Paid Campaign

Similarly to facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords, you can also use Linkedin for paid promotion to generate paid traffic. There are 3 types of ads available on Linkedin Sponsored updates, Sponsored InMail and text based ads. You can run paid campaign through advertise option available on Linkedin. In Linkedin Campaign Manager you will have the option to targeted audience and budget. However, you have to be little careful with your budget because LinkedIn ads are little costlier as compare to Facebook and Twitter. One more option to reach your audience is personalized messages. You can write personalized message and send it to your targeted audience.

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