Small Business India 2014: How to Run a Small Business in the Modern Era

The year 2013 was time when small business and Internet became inextricably integrated; With well into the year 2014, we are looking at business becoming more internet oriented. This means that SMB society can expect their technology to be significantly different from anything done so far. In this situation making a successful transition between offline to online technology can build or break your business.

The most challenging factor concerning small business is technology. With the technology being a global-entity races fast head, but the local business seems to be beleaguered by the locally available technologies. This essentially handicaps the growing industry from putting-up with a great challenge in front of global competitors. As most of the Indian’s opt for their product through large online shopping portals such as, snapdeal,com etc…Here individual customization and specific module development becomes the key.

Hosting Remains still Fundamental

“In the small business industry success is essentially limited by the technology at hand.”

But most small companies still seems to be dependent on commonly available technologies. For example the web host can greatly decide a number of factors affecting the website performance. The web host can decide the website loading times, the IP block reputability, compatible plug-ins and widgets and a number of other factors. Here a web host needs to keep track of its hosted website activities as well as tie its ends of technology. Among the cloud hosting buzz, the fundamental deciding factor is still choosing a web host that can provide great loading times and web response. Another factor that is increasingly gaining in prominence is the server responsiveness for mobile website.

Glitches at Available Technology

Another aspect comes at the form of available website technology. Most of the small business still depends on generic wordpress hosting platform for their business website. It also involves using generic plug-ins and widgets to achieve the user navigation. Needless to say these are never able to achieve the required levels of visual hierarchy or design paradigm. Especially when the competing websites have established technologies of the highest order. Another thing that can easily hurt your can be that your business has a or or extension. Meanwhile some of the host platforms can also suspend your account, under the suspicion of unlawful activities.

Measuring is Optimizing

According to Research studies measuring and monitors your visitors are the first and foremost step to better search engine optimization. And it has been shown that business with a precedence for developing websites, have a better chances of achieving these results. It also has a better chances of obtaining the required traffic levels.

With the small business industry concentrated over the digital technology, with their limited knowledge it can be inevitably hard to compete with the big guns. But the consumer-thirst to find better products at better prices also provide a great alternate path. Although it still has to be seen how much percentage will be successfully able to make the transaction, it can be said that the color is bright and beige.

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