How to select good domain name for business

If you are considering to buy a domain name for your business. There are some important aspects that must be remembered so that you can choose the best domain name for your business website.

  • Know your Business - thing that everyone should ask themselves is How to Create a domain name? First and the foremost thing that everyone should remember while registering a domain name for a website is knowing your business well. You should have all the information about your business in order to succeed in their business and to purchase business domain name. If you won’t be knowing your business well enough will not help in booking theright domain for your website.
  • Multiple Domains - You must have 3-4 domains to book well in advance in mind. There is a chance that the domain you want to book is already being registered by someone else. Hence it is a good idea to book another domain name for your business.
  • Correct Extension - There are many types of extensions available nowadays from .com to .org To .in. Hence you must be knowing well in advance with which extension you want to go. In India most of the businesses prefer a .in domain name as it gives much better results is search rankings.
  • Right Domain - If you are going to run a website related to cookery you should choose and prefer a domain name related to that website. If you choose the right domain name for your website the right visitors will visit your website helping your website to perform better. Learn more about buy domain name for take a right and perfect domain for your business.
  • Different domain extension - It is also suggested that instead of the .com domain name you can also use the other domain extensions like .biz, .org, .in, .uk and a lot more other domain extensions. If you are an organisation then you can use .org or if you are some type of government company then you can use .gov. Other than that it is better to stay with a .com domain name.  If you are purchasing an Unlimited or Premium Hosting package you will get a free domain name. Contact us to know about Free Domain Name.
  • Wrong misconception - Most people have a wrong misconception that a short domain name attracts more users. In actual it doesn’t make a big difference. Unless and until your website satisfies your visitors or your customers need your domain name is not a problem.
  • Get more traffic through - For more traffic on your website, then your website should run smoothly and also have to be more attractive so that your customers can remember your business easily.
  • Be creative - A good domain name consists of a simple to remember words. Try not to consider confused, complicated or long names, since they will basically escape your visitor’s heads when they close your website. Utilize general vocabulary and keep away from technical or complex words.
  • Be unique -  Select your domain name appropriately so it won’t interfere with your competitors in your corner or business. Try not to utilize basic names, for example, brands, organizations or items in your domain. Stay away from abbreviations, unless they are something extremely recognizable for the average Internet client or customer.
  • Be smart - Adopt the idea process of a marketer and see which words will be best for your SEO optimization and PPC advertising. Usually, the web search engines love the domain names containing dashes or underlines, however, you ought to maintain a strategic distance from them, since it’s not comfortable for your clients to sort long domain names and furthermore they are not appropriate for mouth-to-mouth advertisement.

The next thing that you should consider is that hosting your domain name. But finding a good hosting service is not an easy task. It is always better to go with the cheap and best hosting provider. If you are looking for the best and reliable hosting provider in your city then go with Hosting Raja, we have been providing the best hosting service for our customers at an affordable price of Rs. 99 per month.

These were some of the important factors that you should consider, before choosing a business name for your website. Now you are ready to go and choose the right domain name for your business.

What are the Do’s And Don’ts in getting Domains Checklist?

Your domain name is your virtual address. Picking a good domain name is truly essential and it is your brand, the principal thing your clients will recognize, and ideally the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which will save the money on the bookmark or enter continuously. It is easy for the user to do an error so register domain name and it would help your business.


Registering the domain name by the proper method will have a good effect on the overall performance of your website. Buy having a good domain name and executing the good performance then your website will get more attention by the audience and bring more traffic to your website.


Consider these do’s and don’ts from entrepreneurs and specialists to help secure your company’s domain name.




Register yourself as a domain name owner:

Some entrepreneurs make the error of not checking the owner of the domain name such as third-party registration. It’s difficult to assure that you are the domain owner and the required administrative contact. Imagine your site as a piece of property if you are not interested then you cannot sell it. This is a standout amongst the most well-known mistakes where small to medium entrepreneurs make, subsequently consider rechecking who your domain name is registered to.


By including your location or keyword in domain:

If the business is largely based on the geographic region or if you are targeting to the specific region then you can try fitting your location into your domain name. Like if your targeted audience from India then you can use .in domain extension where you get more audience from this region. In the event that it appears to be possible take a step by putting in the most vital keyword from your business into the catchphrase. This will be helpful in ranking your website among the best top search lists organically.

Be clear, that your domain name should enable them to judge your business:

Your domain name ought to describe what’s your website is about. It is essential for a guest/visitor to get an idea of what the website is about just by looking at the domain name. Your domain name ought to be easy to type/spell, simple to say and simple to remember.


Domain name extension:

Try to get the “.com” Top Level Domain (TLD) extension as it is the most well known. It is likewise the most broadly accepted domain name extension. At the point when people consider a website, their mind consequently pictures “” as the address. You can likewise utilize the “.net” and “.org” extensions in the event that you can’t discover a “.com” extension. Even you can also with the country code extension like .in, .uk, .us and more.




Don’t use numbers, dashes, abbreviations:

Replace abbreviations and you can go with the catchy name where it represents your business or your brand name and it is also much easier to remember your domain name. With endless websites offering similar services, customers discover that it is difficult to remember domain names unless they are straightforward, simple and the perfect representation of your business.


Don’t waste money on other extensions:

At last, When you choose to conduct an available domain name go with, those domain extensions which is useful for your business as there are a lot of domain extension like .com, .in, .org, .co you can choose that domain extension which represents your brand.You can put resources into other domain extensions while protecting something like a trademark. However, always remember that the genuine value is in the ‘.com’.


A successful business is one of the most difficult things that one can achieve nowadays. If your business is not on the internet can make things more worse. Nowadays a website plays a major role than a visiting or business card.

Even Pamphlets and banners cannot reach the number of people as a website could reach. Hence a domain name plays a major role in making your website/business a success. Learn how to register your domain name with some simple steps.

There are many business/individuals that would go for a cheap domain name registration process not realising that a domain name plays a major role in website’s success. Finding a cheap domain name provider is an easy task as there are many of them throughout the web. Choose the best domain name to get maximum outcome.

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Sometimes you might find a little difference in prices when you are purchasing a domain name from different domain name registrars. As there are some operational and infrastructural cost that a domain registrar has to cover and over it price some more to gain some profit.

If you are planning to take your business for a longer run, we would suggest you to book the domain name for a longer period of time.  As domain renewal charges are higher when compared to booking a domain name. The next best thing to consider if there is any hidden charges involved in a domain registration process. There have been many cases that low domain charges is subject to signing up for a package which you are not even considering.

There are many spammy domain registration companies that would share your server with spammy websites. We make sure that there is no spammy websites registered with us so that your domain name is secured with us. If your website is shared with those types of websites there are chances of spam attacks and other types of blacklisting.

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Here are a few of the things that one should consider while choosing a domain name:


Always choose TLDs (Top Level Domain)

If you are planning to choose a domain name then it is always suggested to use top-level domains extensions like- .com, .in, .net, .int, .gov, .edu, .org and etc. but among all of these TLDs only a few of them are available for general purpose use. Moreover .com is by the most famous, important and best one.

Go with a short and sweet name

While choosing a domain name you should make a note that your domain name should not be difficult to remember as well as to type. Because in today’s fast internet world people 
dont have time to type lengthy domain names. And if your customer slows down due to typing or if there is any misspelled word then they will surely lose patience and go somewhere else.

Should be unique

Take note that you should avoid choosing a domain name that is similar to an existing one. So choosing such names will lead to confusion and annoyance among your audience. And there is also a chance that your traffic will be redirected to other websites. So always choose the unique domain name.

Don’t choose words with double meaning

Today there are many business organisations who have bought domain names from web hosting companies without even recognizing that if space or any capital letter is removed it becomes inappropriate. As a result, you may have some bad reputation for your business. So always you need to make sure that the domain name doesn’t hinder your business’s brand name.

Copyright issues

Always take a note that if you might have thought of a domain name where it belongs to another business or organisation then you should be aware that choosing such a name, one that has been in use by another business/company/individual/people may result in copyright violation. Therefore it is always better to check whether the domain name that you want to have is already been registered or not before registering.