How to Find your Business Niche through Strong Keyword Research


Behind every successful website there is a strong keyword strategy; Ask any internet marketeer worth his salt, and he would be listing keywords as the basic pillars of website development. In the rapidly changing internet environment, the keywords still remains the one and only statue-of-trust. If you are a small business finding the right keywords are your only for tapping into a rich-niche.

Step 1: Understand your User

The basic amateur mistake while working on keywords is to solely focus on the product. In the opposite side of the same mistake the limelight only shines at users. But the key here is to understand your product-user interaction. For example, you might be trying to sell plastic cups. Instead of the common term ‘platic cups’, you can specify party cups or long-life high quality plastic cups. Make a list of tent to twenty primary keywords surrounding your product-customer equation. After finding the primary list of keywords, you can use the Google keyword planner to check the popularity of those search terms. You can select a list of four to five keywords as the primary kw’s list.

Step 2: Populate a Strong Keyword List

Now you can use these primary keyword list to populate a sufficiently strong keyword list. This can give you a better understanding about your product-niche, apt keywords and long tail keywords.

There are a number of tools that you can utilize for this purpose.
1. Google Search Guess Feature
2. Google keyword planner
3. Third party keyword tool like Ubersuggest, Wordtracker

This helps you understand what your users enter into the Google search box, which means a better long-tail keyword strategy.

Step 3: Using the Niche Keywords

The third and most important step is to include these targeted keywords on your website. You can integrate these keywords into the individual pages, landing pages, off-page SEO strategy, developing blog content, developing social media content etc…A good keyword important for all these later steps.

If you are a small business with a dream of making big at Internet, you cannot underestimate the power of keywords.

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