How to do online marketing with less cost or no investment?

How to do online marketing with less cost or no investment?

As a business owner, there are numerous online marketing strategies to consider for transforming your business successfully. The important part is to focus on your major marketing tasks while managing the other daily requirements of your developing business. The importance of online marketing procedure is the potential of transforming your business is the capturing and getting leads. There are various low-cost marketing tools which can be used for the marketing strategy. One of the popular tools for e-mail marketing is the autoresponder. If in case you are an experienced online marketer, then you must be familiar with the advantages related to the low-cost marketing strategy.

Online marketing is also known as Internet marketing,  eMarketing and web marketing. It is basically marketing products and services over the internet. The internet has become one of the important sources of sharing the information with everyone, and also businesses can not dismiss the efficiency of a budget and the effectiveness of message penetration that non-traditional advertising gives. There are several advantages for businesses to choose online marketing for their advertising requirements.

What exactly is Online Marketing?


Online marketing is also called internet marketing. It is nothing but promoting your products and services on the internet. If a business executes the online marketing strategies it will have a positive result related to the leads. Online marketing is involved with numerous components that can be used individually or in combination with one another. Either you have a plan of marketing internationally or domestically, internet marketing will permit you to draw more visitors to your website and also beneficial in converting them into qualified leads and increased sales.


Making use of online marketing services for your business will help in increasing sales and get good publicity among the audience. And moreover, the internet is the key advertising medium for a successful business. Through online marketing, the business can reach the global audience and get better leads and clients for your product online. Day by day internet users are increasing and they search for the required products and services online, and you can be notified only if your online marketing is done in the right method. There are several ways to market your product at less cost or without investment, but you need to select the right way that suits your business to achieve profits.

Types of Online Marketing:

There are several types of online marketing to perform and some are mentioned below:


1)Social Media Marketing

2) PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing

3) Affiliate Marketing

4) SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

5) Email Marketing

6) Content Marketing

7) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Below are the Low-cost Social Media Marketing strategy for boosting your online business:


1) Design an infographic.

2) Can Host a contest.

3) Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

4) Publishing excellent content.

5) Become an active Social Networker.

6) Can request your hosting provider to get ad promo credits.

7) Creating the video content.

8) Get partnered with other business.

9) Design a referral program for your clients.

10) Make use of email marketing.

What is the purpose of an Online Presence?

Day by day online marketing is getting increased and it is necessary for all kinds of businesses. Due to the increase in the local search and people’s new way of searching on the internet it is better all the businesses include some online marketing in their marketing mix. There are several methods to use the Internet for delivering promotional marketing messages to clients. And this consists of email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and display advertising ( web banner advertising).

Some of the possible ways for online marketing with less cost or free of cost:

1) Social Media Marketing – The consistent and engaged use of Social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,  and also your organization blog allows in interacting with the much of wider audience than your current client database. By developing your brand and product awareness in social media will be the potential for your content to be shared and reach the unlimited number of potential clients.


2) Email marketing – With the use of participating in forms on your website or your current client database and creating a list of possible clients is a necessary long-term marketing strategy. Creating a well understanding email marketing campaign is one of the right ways to generate leads and drive sales online.


3) PPC (Pay Per Click)- With the help of pay per click marketing you will be able to finely tune the targeted clients you need to attract. With the help of a few social media platforms, you can target the clients from the required location. The best part of Pay per Click is that you will be able to achieve the results that you are paying for.


4) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – SEO will not make any difference if you are targeting the domestic or international market. And makes your site well optimized for the keywords which are extremely necessary and will be well placed in the search engine results. The best SEO strategy achieves in driving targeted traffic and clients who are actively searching for your product directly visit your website.

5) Video Tutorials: For reaching the large and engaged audience, need to build video tutorials on websites such as YouTube. Creating a high-quality video which really impresses the audience. As other low-cost strategies for marketing your online business, it takes time to attract your audience. Video tutorials is the best methods for attracting clients who are interested in a particular product or services.


6) Referral Marketing: It is the most effective and low-cost ways to market your online business. Referral marketing is a cost-effective method for marketing on an automated basis. And also sends a powerful message which you put delivering the real value, as each and every consumer refers your product or services id builds a strong consumer base.


7) Focusing the Mobile devices: Mobile marketing costs less compared to the desktop. So it is recommended to focus more on mobile campaigns. Especially it is common on Google and Facebook for considerably stretching the budget through mobile campaigns and managing some of your marketing funds for the ads which run on the mobiles.

8) Content Marketing: This method is good for reaching the targeted audience with less cost. Content marketing are established through the leading authority websites which permit to post the content on their website. Through content marketing, clients can be attracted to your online presence by giving the required information. Moreover, Content marketing is good for new websites.


9) Remarketing and Retargeting: This is a strategy for targeting clients who have previously visited your website and it is related to the cookie technology. Retargeting helps in getting back the targeted customers who have previously shown interest in your business. Get involved in retargeting on your website, mobile, social network. Create your plans based on the clients buying cycle.


10) Web Analytics: The most important part of Online Marketing is Web Analytics. It helps in understanding and predicting the web activities for your business. In simple words, Web Analytics will be giving you the analyses and different angles of your business. Each and every advertiser must use the Web Analytics to know about their business and for improving the conversions.

Advantages of doing online marketing with less cost or no investment:


1. Minimal Cost


Doing online marketing with less cost or with zero investments indicates that you no need to spend a lot of money on your building your brand and reaching out more customers. You can do online marketing with small amount of money with full function and later it will be profitable for your business. You can also spend a few bucks to hire a skilled SEO expert which will help your business to increase your SEO rankings.


2. Better brand engagement with 24/7 brand optimization


If you are having an online business then it is very essential to build a good brand image of it. So to be successful in online marketing you need to build up and keep up the constructive brand awareness to ensure client loyalty. So by frequently upgrading your website with engaging content indicates your customer’s response and support which offers the best incentives to them. Advantages of internet marketing ensure this quite efficiently and let your marketing campaign run 24/7 with efficiency.


3.  Better Time Management


In business time is money! Since you will be spending less amount of money on online marketing it allow you to value your time more effectively. And with the flexibility and minimal amount of time needed with an online business, you only need to spend a short focused amount of time on managing it, which gives you more extra time to spend with your family or on another valuable project. And it also helps you to think more about your business and helps you to come up with new innovations.


4. Real-Time Results


One of the best advantages of utilizing online marketing is that you no need to wait for weeks to see a significant boost in your business. So if you are running any campaign you can easily experience the real-time results where it enables you to fine-tune your marketing message to achieve your desired effect. Not only that if your marketing strategy is not working effectively or properly then, real-time monitoring tools will allow you to easily pin-point exactly where you are going wrong.



Executing a good online marketing strategy for your business will be a quick and easy way to improve your organization’s online visibility and increase the traffic of your website. Though it might be a difficult process in the beginning but the online marketing will be helpful to be found online by the users. Online marketing will be very much beneficial in reaching the right audience with a good amount of results. The power of online marketing will be helpful in interacting in the mutually profitable ways with the audience.

It is necessary to try all the marketing strategies for your business and then look for the best one which works for your business. Moreover, online marketing is the combination of various strategies which will serve your objectives. Online Marketing is a very good tool and you need to be adjusted to all the changes. I hope this article will be helpful in marketing your business in a low-cost strategy.