Five Factors That Could Make your Websites Original and Attractive in 2014


Whether you are building a personal or business website, the digital audience are looking drawn by the originality and attractiveness of your website; According to modern researcher’s, each website has a eight second window to convince the visitor to stay, before he makes an involuntary decision to browse away. Here we analyze the various reasons that could make your website original and attractive. This is an article that explains how and why you should be imaginative and original with your web development.

HTML 5 and CSS3 Coding

If your website hasn’t yet switched to the highly interactive HTML 5 coding structure, this might be the right time. Its also incredibly data-efficient achieving high speed data communication. With embedded CSS 3 elements, you can now include interactive elements such as vivid engaging banners. Meanwhile you may also require a creative brain to use the technology to include the user-engaging features. This brings us to the next essential feature at today’s web development.

UI/UX Designing

With the recent emphasis on the part of search engines and general user consensus, the UI/UX designing or front-end designing have become the most approved and pursued. This can contain various elements web elements from simple font selection to web to user navigation facitlies to
applications development. As all these cases involves developing something that never existed before or significantly improving the existing system, the UI/UX Designers also demands higher prices.

New Form of Content

Although fundamentally the good written content remains the same, it’s specific measurement metrics has undergone significant changes at the recent years. If an easily understandable and informative, content was considered sufficient a couple of years back, today its just a base-line. The new form of content has to be written with stylistic elements but in-accordance with the page-format.

Responsive Website Format’s

Although the responsive website has taken the lime-light, many companies still stuck with their old desktop websites with their characteristic grids and tables. With the responsive website format, you are required to change the preconceived notions of responsive web designing – grids, images and navigation. The grids and images refer to the mobile based navigation prevalent at the many websites that we come across on a daily basis. At a responsive web navigation you need to keep the distance from the multiple table format, giving the media queries a new hieght of sensation.

Getting the right stock Photo’s

How many time you haven’t come across a corporate stock photo that cannot be found at an infinite number of other websites? Anyways its time to write obituaries for stock photo’s if you already haven’t done it already. At best they are space fillers and shouldn’t be used for the same reason. Personally the trend is to navigate away from the web pages, that uses stock images to garner attention. However the great stock image websites like, gives you a great choice and variety at choosing your favorite images.

Its the individualistic elements that makes your website better and different, paving way for success at today’s web environment. Apart from these, if you have come-across any other new technology, kindly remark it at the comment section below.