How do you buy an existing domain name

If you are planning to buy an existing domain name, the domain name which has already been registered by someone else. There has been many cases where the domain name might have been purchased but it is not in use. In these cases the domain name owners might want to sell it. But one should remember that purchasing an existing domain name might cost you much more that registering a new domain name. But if you are really willing to purchase an already registering domain name. There are some steps through which you can be an owner of an already registered domain name. Know in details on registering a website at an affordable price.

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Step 1 – The first and foremost step is to visit a website named there you will find a search box. You need to type in the domain name you want to purchase. The website will inform you that the domain name you have entered has already been taken. From you will get complete information on domain ownership and the date of expiration and booking of the domain name.


Step 2 – You need to click on Who is and enter the security code and then click on search. You will find the details of the owner which will have owners phone number, email address.


Step 3 – Once you get the information about the owner you can contact him/her through any of these modes. The quickest way is through contact by a phone, if you are not able to reach through phone you can try with the email address provided.


Step 4 – If the domain name you have entered goes to a parked page you have the best chances to own that domain name as the website owner might be willing to sell that domain name.


Step 5 – If the owner of the domain name responds to you, you can negotiate on the domain price you want to buy and purchase it from the owner. Booking an exsiting domain name is the best when the domain is used for commercial or business purposes. As the website will get the traffic from the exsiting domain name. See Details on Business Domains.

These were the five simple steps by which you can purchase an existing domain name for your website. If you want to purchase a new domain name you can purchase it from us at very nominal prices. Register your domain name and make live your website today. Both domain and hosting is an integral part of a website. There are different ways which you can get both domain and hosting packages at an affordable price. Find Your domain and Hosting with offer from us.


What can I do with my registered domains?

If your domain is registered for your business purpose then you can use it for your business promotion also by giving more information about your business and also can generate more revenue for your business. And if you have to buy new domain in India for a personal blog then you can build your own blog about technical news then join in Google adsense program to earn money.

Here is the information that what you can do with your registered domains:

  • Set a goal- what amount would you like to gain in the coming 1 year? In Google Adsense, they don’t enable you to list Google Ads before 6 months from the date you begin your blog. Try not to be aggressive with your plans, be straight however in the meantime let there be a scope to be aggressive at any point of time.


  • Plan Content – choose what could it be that you can post without any assistance. Articles? pictures? how-tos? videos? you ought to design content for no less than 1 month and have it prepared so you’re not running post to pillars to choose what to put tomorrow.

  • You can take help of Google Keywords tool to perceive what sort of technology is most searched and does it included in your domain and web hosting plans.

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  • Advance Content- promote your content all over the internet and see how are clients reacting to it. In the event that the clients don’t coordinate your desires go back to point 2 above and re-design content.

There are numerous ways where you can make money with domains. This is an extraordinary asset which enables you to decide what you need to do How To Make Money With Domain Names! Everybody needs to know how to make a lot of money, with nothing to offer. The fairy tale is that there is a lot of money to be made on the web – and there is – if you have something to offer that people need or need.