How Can your Small business Survive a Google Panda Kickback

save your website from the fury

save your website From the Fury

The Google Panda 4.0 has been rolled-out drawing expectation and yet another collective gasp from the online community. Yes, Google seems to be pretty relentless in the smacking weights upon the small businesses. And the trend seems to continue with no perfect answer coming the team of industry-experts.

Why you should know about Google panda

For absolute starters, Google panda is a continuing series of search-algorithmic updates that are meant to eliminate the spammy websites across the Google Search Listings. Most of the affected websites have been using blatantly non-user friendly measures such as keyword-dominated content, excessive linking, thin non-informational content etc….In-case your website were any of these shady techniques, your website would usually see a sharp traffic drop. As these penalties were algorithmic, you can only rectify your website and wait for the penalty to be lifted during the the next evaluation. Then hopefully your previous rankings could be recovered.

How Can Your Business Steer clear of Panda Penalty

Creating User-Engaging Content :- Most of the small business websites have been filled with low quality content that borders on illegibility. If your business has seen sharp drops, rewriting the web pages is the first step towards lifting the block. These are the official Google content guidelines for handling a panda affected website.

Having the Right Keyword Density:- Its always better to approach a professional to have the right density and propensity for your keyword potion. The key is understanding that underdone-keywords are no better than overdone-keywords copy. Both results at low traffic.

Having a Good Navigational structure:- Another important guidance aspect of the website is its overall navigational structure. If your website takes a skewed navigational approach with tons of bottom links, then its taken as a step to confuse the users and search engine bots. Always have a visible side bar navigation feature.

Having Too Many/Too Little Pages: As previously mentioned, balance is the keyword with Google Panda. Always decide on the number of pages based on the requirement for conveying the relevant information. Its you are adding pages for keyword insertion purposes, brace yourself for a rough ride.

There are no direct cookie-cutter answer to insulate your website against Google panda. But what you can do is take every step carefully to be fully-on the safe side.

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