HostingRaja Cloud Office


HostingRaja Cloud office is a one stop destination for all tools a startup or a small business owner would need, to kick start their digital journey in the most cost effective and hassle free way possible. As an entrepreneur your first and foremost requirement is to create a professional image of your business while presenting to your prospective customers. Without a professional domain name or a email id it’s difficult to establish a trust building image of your business.

With the HostingRaja Cloud office you not only get email ids for your business but also get a plethora of other features that are rolled together to simplify your business needs.

HostingRaja Cloud Office is the latest tool which is designed to help the small business to large enterprise to kick start with less cost effective and also works without any obstruction, and this will help their business run very smooth and helps them to focus at their core infrastructure. If you are thinking in term of an entrepreneur, then your main intention will be your professional image of your business with satisfied customers. To have satisfied and more customers for your business first you need to have a proper business infrastructure like your business domain name, websites, Email ID, customers support etc. By having all the business requirements it is easy to build the trust of customers and also helps to build the good image of your business.


Cloud office by HostingRaja is similar to Google’s G Suite, but have more features, which is much indeed for your business and also user-friendly for your business. Cloud Office is a cluster of all the tools that are rolled together to simplify your business needs.

Now let’s look at the key features that are provided by HostingRaja -Cloud Office :

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

This is one of the main strategies used by many companies to know more about customers and what they expect from your business. By doing this it will help your business to reduce cost and increase more productivity and also profitability. In here you also get a different level of options like, sales, marketing, collaboration etc, which is very easy to get the information.


Workflow is an arranged and repeatable pattern of endeavor enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information. Basically, a workflow is one of the key factors of the business. For instance, In machine shops, particularly job shops and flow shops, the flow of a part through the various processing stations is a work flow. But in our HostingRaja Cloud Office, we provide a workflow that helps your management to work easy and smoothly. Even in workflow there is different sets where you can create, view and also audit your workflow.


In Cloud Office we provide calendar option for our customer to note any event or meetings fixtures, and notifies the user 15 minutes before the events occurs. You can also change the reminder time, by open the Alert drop-down list and select one of the available options: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, half an hour, an hour, 2 hours, a day. Which will be more helpful in scheduling events on exact time.

Here it Syncs your business contacts with your respective business Email ID. Where you can access to your contacts on one go. In here you can also add the contacts and you can also make different groups. By this it will helps your business to have a good communication with your customers, and helps to grow your business network in all the corners. It also helps to create more productivity of your business.


In Cloud Office, we offer documents like spreadsheets, presentation, write etc. By using this tool you can perform various editing operations and edit documents directly on your portal and also print the edited documents in all format. In documents it helps you to store the data or creating new events, where you can share that document with your contacts and can also see the files or documents share with you.

Support System

In here we offer various support options given to our clients where they can also raise a ticket for their customer’s issue and sort out very quickly. In here you can also submit, view your tickets. By this it leads your business to more productivity at very less cost.


In Cloud Office, we also provide the email option, where the customer can get information or any message for his clients. And can respond to their issue spontaneously. This message management solution helps you work more efficiently, and also improve business communication. In an email, you can also attach the files which you would like to share with your contact or forward mail that you have received.

Smart Communication

This smart communication helps your business to have a strong social network bond with your clients and lets you to communicate and collaborate with your customers via chat. This also helps your business to know the key advantages and drawbacks of your business. By this, you can mainly concentrate on the core business process, which will lead to outstanding results. It also helps to build social network inside your company.


In here we provide our customers to create a task that needs to complete on time and can assign to allotted person. When creating a task you can assign to a person, with a subject, date of creating the task, information and also the deadline. It also reminds the allotted person to complete his task before the deadline. By doing this it helps the business in more productivity. In task bar you can also view the assigned task and also check complete information about the task which has been allotted.