Holy Grail of Successful Thinking; 15 Different Tips to Think Like a Successful Leader


As we all know the technological-era has seen men and women achieving unprecedented success at an unbelievably short time; All these people understood that at an open-market, a remarkable product or service could capture market at no-time. But more importantly they also understood how to manage their limited time and energy to its optimal levels. This article covers these remarkable people along their pursuit to find the best use of their most valuable commodity – Time.

The Efficiency Rule

Among the first-rule of productivity, the successful persons dedicate the 80% of the time for the 20% of the task they absolutely best! Also be aggressively avoid taking-on random tasks as they are simply time-killers.

Discipline at Work and Idea’s

The discipline at work and idea’s is a virtue, which is upheld by most CEO’s including Steve Jobs. At Apple, he always followed the rule of focusing on a single product at a time.

Experience from Various Culture’s and People;

The Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, brings discipline to her creative pursuits through allowing definite time slots. It can be a half day every two weeks, a whole day every month etc….You can create your timetable according to the individual availability of time.

Acting on Idea’s

The dreamers and achievers are differentiated through planning and action. And Idea’s like all other good things has shelf-life, after-which which the technology allows a better alternative.

Thoughts Needs Nurturing

Most of the great idea’s doesn’t occur as a whole, but as glimpses of something significantly better. This is the time when idea’s are also at its most vulnerable. The idea process would be to think-out a slew of idea’s; Then self-determine the better ideas worthy of being pursued.

Creating an A-Team

It can be tempting to choose a team on cost-basis. But as the adage goes, ‘you pay peanuts, you get monkey’s’. As it is certainly true in the case of technology, where the contrast at skill levels tends to be massive.

Thinking Different as a Way of Life

Being among the majority gives comfort and belonging; But it also fortifies your walls of mind, making your thinking rigid and predictable. Instead try to disagree with the majority opinion or choose for an alternative course of thoughts. Always be brave enough to pursue the possibilities of your intuition.

Starting with thinking Different

Many novelists and scientists have taken getting lost in unknown cities of the world a way to kindle their creative spirits. You may not have the time to follow the same path. but you can always try new routes to work, socializing, read book beyond your usual pursuit of interest.

Planning Ahead and Stride’s of Spontaneity

These has been considered the mutually exclusive thoughts of schools; One brings stratagem and order, while the other makes the place alive. But successful person ‘s across different field’s, have demonstrated the ability to combine planning and spontaneity. The key action plan is as follows

1. Drill and Separate the issue down
2. Understand the liabilities of not solving the problem
3. Identify the key Change factors
4. Get an idea about Available Resources
5. Find the right people to join you

Valuing Your Idea’s

No likes as a smuck who always frowns on others idea’s. While considering other idea’s always start with a “Yes’. Then take it forward from there and see whether its a viable prospect.

Long-Term Goal Setting

Always try to plan well ahead of the schedule to have your goals at week’s, month’s and years targets. Not only these could help you keep focused, but gives the necessary clarity while taking your present decisions. If you bother to try it out, you can find that you will not be doing almost 50% of the things that you may normally do…

Reflecting on your Past Achievements and Fails

This gives you perspective at where you stand at your life and how far you have gone forward. As Socrates once said – “An unexamined life is not worth living.”.

Thinking Positive and Defining new Possibilities

The winners always look at new opportunities as new positive possibilities. If you have seen anyone achieving something new, that you thought impossible, you know what we are talking about…

Believing in your own Idea’s

All the successful people hold onto their idea’s and products even when the things are not going particularly well.

Finding Realistic Solutions

It’s common to find successful person’s getting stuck at positive thinking, which is another word for taking things for granted. Always be a realistic thinker with these steps

1. Understanding the truth
2. Get the truthful Perspective
3. Think and balance the both sides
4. Creating the worst-case scenario
5. Align your thinking with your resources

Always being Positive

Always have the perspective to look at things from the bright side; Understand that we always have the people, who had seen rough seas and immediate bankruptcy.

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