Heartbleed Bug Still at Large; While The Stalled Upgrades Startles the Experts


In the recent months, we have discussed risk and vulnerabilities of the Open Heartbleed SSL bug. As a quick reminder, the Open Heartbleed bug allows the scrupulous hacker to directly obtain confidential information in relatively simple steps. In simple terms, it was like a having a completely fortified building, but only to leaving aside a small unguarded opening. Anyone who knows about the existing-gap could leisurely walk-in and take whatever he wants.

Consequently a patch for the Heartbleed Bug was released two months back; Most of the leading hosting providers, including hostingraja rushed to download and install the patch in their servers. But the recent download numbers shows that the heartbleed bug risks are still-on and at-large.

Why Your Website Could Still be at Risk?

But as per the recently released reports, a heart-rushing number 300K Servers still remains un-patched and vulnerable to the heartbleed bug. And these servers could be collectively hosting thousands of websites; And these comes from a positive-outlook, where the actual numbers could be much higher and troubling.Either the networking team has completely overlooked the risk of OPENSSL Bleed or simply doesn’t care about their client website-user security.

Unless its too late, you can ensure your website security through undertaking a openbleed SSL testing. This test shows that hosting raja server is fool-proof. Meanwhile the technology can be limiting at the the face of other possibilities.