Google- Lets Know this Search Engine More

Google is the most visited website by people. We call it is Google but have you ever you thought what does Google Stands For? Google Stands for Global Organisation of Oriented Group Language of Earth. Google is the biggest Search engine used. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brind on 4th September in 1998. It’s not only a search engine but they have many products which is offered to the customer like ad words, webmaster tool etc.


Google has a simple home page. You know why? Because the founders of Google didn’t know HTML and needed quick interface so they came up with this simple page. Even the name of Google was made accidentally as the founders wrote it incorrectly they have already come up with Gogol which they by mistakenly wrote it as Google.

Here are few Google products explained what are they and how it works?

1. Google Search: -It is search engines which helps you to know about anything and everything. There is a search box in which you can enter what you are looking for and Google will give relevant answers.

2. Google Docs: -This works like Microsoft word but this is online. Every change made by you in the document will be saved automatically. You can share this Document with many people and decide what action they are suppose to do in the docs.Wither they can view it or edit it.

3. Gmail:- World’s most trusted and used by many people for their official use is Gmail. It is used to send and receive mails. It helps you share valuable information in an official way.

4. Google Drive: – Google drives is a cloud storage which is provided to you by Google when you sign up with them. It gives you free 15 GB storage in which you can store your photos, media, documents, sheets etc.

5. G+ :- Like Facebook G+ is also a very popular Social media Platform. Here you can like or comment on any of yours friends or the communities or collections you are following.

6. Hangout: – Before it was renowned as G talk later with updation its name was changed to Hangout. This enables you to chat and also with video or audio calls.

Google not only focus on individual needs but also in terms of business.

The main source of income for Google is the Adword. Adword is a platform which helps to run or promote your product or services on the Google page. Google Analysis is used to know about your website like how many people visited your website.

Google offers its customers with may products. Its not only a search engine but a company which offers their customers with many different products to use and feel the experience.