5 Reasons Why the Future of Internet Belongs to New GTLD Domains


Recently the future of the internet quietly went through an upheaval; The internet has seen many agents of changes in the recent years; Among them the newly unveiled gTLD domains is the deciding factor that that sets the sails in long-run. And at the center of these remarkable proceedings is the small business industry.

The International governing body for the Internet assigned domains and names, ICAAN recently published the list of newly available domain names. Until the year 2012, every website had to make their decision between the list of 22 available domain extensions. The new GTLD Domains offers far-more fitting professional extensions such as .club, .photography, .pizza etc….Our blog explains what this could mean to your business and its new-found possibilities.

Promotes Niche Competition

Finally the Internet have recognized that business doesn’t compete locally or globally, but its compete based on specific niche industries. This means that the businesses along with its expertise is now back-on the focus. In an age where the global brands have gained local presence, it also gives better options for customers.

Better search engine possibility

In future we may have search engines leveraging the gTLD extensions towards ranking the websites. Ok, lets look it at a search engine perspective; After understanding the visitor intention, the search engine can remotely narrow down the search results to the visitor interest. This also gives a better shot for small business to target never-before rankings.

Improved Internet Usability

The gTLD domains aims to make the internet a greatly organized location. In a age where domains are named after their respective services, the users can find their target websites in a minimum time. The search engines can also solve the cross-listing problems through providing only the relevant results.

More Direct Branding

In a virtualized buying environment, the branding carries unprecedented significance. Previously the buyer had to introduced to the product, before it was bought or rejected. But the new domains gives an accurate description of the product or service even before the visitor enters the website. This allows the businesses to skip the first step to make head-start at potential conversion.

Immune to Domain Saturation

The global top level domains (.com) became saturated a few years ago; Now the focus has shifted towards the secondary level domains (.Net, local extensions) etc…The new gTLD’s domains with their vast possibilities of permutations and combinations could find the best options at least prices.

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