Five Key Metrics for Your Facebook Business Page

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If you are yet to take facebook marketing seriously, the clock have struck eleven O’clock for you! Today most the business takes facebook as a cardinal idea of their marketing strategy. Regardless where where your stand page stands at popularity, deciding on-the right metrics to decide on its popularity is also important. Rather than depending on surreal factors likes and followers, these metrics enable you with the real knowledge about how your users view your posts. Or rather they are able to see your posts.

No of followers; This refers to the subscribers for your posts. This usually happens when users likes your post, adding for regular updates. At the same time its important to have a regular fan updates, to add along the regular followers for your post.

Interaction for every Post; This refers to the quality of each post being allowed onto your business page. Each page can have its interaction on many aspects; It can include likes, comments, shares or URL being posted on other social media websites. Your page needs deep-level
interaction for every post. Otherwise the interaction could leave the prospects on dry.

Pacing the new followers; Another aspect concerns with reaching new followers. A single viral content has dramatically spike-up your followers and business limitations. But you are required to keep-up with that quality at content in future times to keeping adding new followers. Otherwise your followers number tend to stagnate.. In this case according to the facebook algorithm your existing followers may also be unknowing about the changed algorithm.

Sharing for each Post; This is the way your Facebook page grows in popularity; Each of the user sharing opens your facebook page to new inquisitive minds; Be it an dose of humor or general thoughts , always try to include an incentive for your facebook users to share your page.

Each Post Popularity; This metric work against an individual post being directly responsible for much of the popularity. Each of your individual post should have a general-level popularity for your future posts to find its position among users stream. This checks the old concept of one entertaining post amassing large follower-base, which is later served with marketing messages.

Getting User Comments; A user comment is usually an incentive for another user to make his own comment. This usually follows a zig-zag interaction with each user adding his own comments. In the end each user follows it up with his own comments, each having its own advantage and benefits.

These factors decide on the real-time popularity of your facebook business page.

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