Five Awesome Magneto Customizations to Shoot-up Your Shopping Cart Conversions

Today the shopping cart has grown synonymous with the magneto software. From its initial free roots to the present open-source eBay software, the magneto has been always the popular shopping cart software. Its fast, secure and sophisticated nature, its the ideally made shopping cart software. Here are the five leading magneto customizations that can turn-around your conversion for good.

One page Check-out

The drop-out ratio linearly increases with the number of steps for completing a purchase. But the one-page checkout makes the checkout process much simpler and efficient. It also simplifies the checkout process, filtering the confusing elements out of the process. It also increases the customer return-rate for the ease with which the buying process can be completed.

Custom Templates Extension

This extensions avoids the bland default magneto interface to customize it according to your website nature. This extension blends your shopping cart into the overall website experience. In-order to be functional these templates shouldn’t affect the cart-performance at realistic traffic levels.

Multiple Coupons Extensions

The coupons are the easiest way to gift a loyal customer. The E-commerce websites tends to allow multiple coupons for multiple products at an E-commerce website. These may appear to be simple at the first glance; but grows in complexity with the increase in number of products. This extension allows the customer to apply multiple coupons at a single purchase. The coupons could be showcased on a sidebar.

Similar Products Extension

This showcases the additional purchases made by similar customers on the sidebar or on the empty space below the purchased items. This is largely based on the user interface adapted and made popular by amazon. If your website has a products which can be meshed together, this would definitely increase the number of purchases.

Magneto Speed Boost

The magneto slow loading times are a much cited slow-killer for website conversions. These super-bad loading times results from the extra javascript code to be included for security reasons. The magneto speed boost works on javascript cache and deflating technique, which brings down the server data loadings.

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