Five Affordable Photoshop alternatives for Professionals and Amateurs


If you think that Photo-shop is overtly complex or simply looking to relive yourself from the verb ”photo-shopped”, there are many competing products waiting for you at the market. Many of them are practically freeware, some of them carry an initial licensing fee. With the abode’s move to change photo-shop to a cloud network, accompanied by monthly fee’s, photo-shop could become too expensive for amateur’s photo-editing works. Here are few alternatives that could help you achieve similar or better results at more affordable prices.

Macaw Web Editor

The age where the task of creating impressive, user interface website banners was the exclusive domain of trained web designers are almost over! The macaw web editor allows you to create, edit and tweak banners and images without the exclusivity of CSS coding. Now this means that you can always develop beautiful semantic code for the web, without the learning curve of learning the programming skills. An easy-to-handle user interface succinctly lets you develop banners and images, indistinguishable from an average professional work.

Canva, the easy canvas

Aptly named, the Canva is perhaps the most most simplified design tools in the market.. With its simple drag and drop property and many default templates, it presents the best design possibilities for a layman or newbie. Another distinguishing property is the default templates model developed for the various purposes; They may include social media, presentation, Facebook cover, Blog Images etc…

Pixlr Image Editing

For years, the Pixlr Editor has remained an background alternative for easier photo-editing and image file tweaking works. But with the recent up-gradations, the has become a sophisticated online image editing software. The online website comes with the functionality to edit the images, add effects, edit the brightness and decorum of the image. It has the ability to add almost 600 effects, varying from overlays and borders to personalize any image.


The PicMonkey is an online personal image editing software that comes suited for lightweight image editing purposes. It also has the advanced image editing features, while keeping it well-accessible to the average user. It allows you to play with the shapes, textures and text in an existing image. But the founctanalities of these image tools are limited; Here you cannot change the custom image through conglomerating parts from different images.

pixelmator for creating perfect Images

The pixelmator aims the position of becoming the perfect Visual creator and editor tool. Its locks-in multiple layers of images,creating three dimensional and responsive images for the mobile and desktop. While the powerful editing tools gives you the capability to edit your images at pixel-perfection.