Facts about Mobile World Congress

What is MWC?

MWC which is abbreviated as Mobile World Congress is an exhibition in which 800 operators are united with 250 companies. This is worlds largest mobile exhibition in which new models are released by the mobile companies and conference is conducted with well known operations, device manufacturers, Technology givers.

MWC by Hosting raja

When and where?

Mobile world Congress was first inaugurated in 1987 . In 2015 it took place from 2-5 March, 2015. In the year 2016 it took place from 22-25th February at two places Barcelona and Spain. It was visited by around 90,000 people in 2015. This event use to take place in Cannes until 2006 and was known as 3GSM World.

Mobile and technologies released in Mobile World Congress 2016

1.LG- G5
Main features Includes
It looks sleek and stylish.
135 degree wide angle camera.

2. Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge
Curved structure which makes it look more beautiful.
It is completely water resistant.

3. CAT S60
Cat S60 is a product from Caterpillar the same company which is known for its tant boots and large digging machines. This is a phone which can last in all kind of extreme conditions like being dropped.

4. Huawei Mate Book

Main features Includes

Thin and light Tablet.
Smart Keyboard.
Pressure Sensitive Stylus.

5. Hp Elite X3
Hp has launched a new Phablet Elite X3.
6- Inch device
Using few peripheral accessories can be used as PC/ Desktop or laptop.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
4GB Ram
4,150 mAh Battery

These were few new and special gadgets which were released in Mobile World Congress 2016 held at Barcelona.