Do-It-Yourself SEO: The Incredible Power of Basic SEO


If you are even remotely involved in running a website, you would have undoubtedly received many emails and cold-calls trying to sell you on SEO services. Since its introduction, the term SEO have always embedded itself in a cloud of mystery. Here understanding SEO along the right-terms is as important as using the right methods.

Search Engines Demands Quality SEO

In-contrary to popular opinion, the search engines are in desperate need for quality SEO. The search engines demands a special format description for understanding your website. And SEO is the way of telling the search engines about your website. The search engines always prefers a websites following the SEO guidelines, compared to a Non-SEO website.

Flagging-off with Basic SEO

Yes, SEO is a Ninja profession, to be mastered only through the passing years. And the good seo’s probably don’t have time to cold-call for work or send unsolicited mails. These people are hard to approach and works on hefty hourly wages. Instead you can flag-off with the basic SEO as described below. Here are the basic factors that will secure your website premises for a greater SEO work in the future.

Onsite SEO Factors

Also known as on-page SEO, these involves tweaking and prioritizing the Website elements. If you are having a local businesses, the on-site page elements carries the most significance.

User-Engaging Content:- The website pages should have easily understandable interesting content. If your content in any way seems to be indecipherable, the visitor may immediately close your page, leaving you with a high bounce rate. Also stay away from keyword stuffing. This is an easy way towards lost rankings.

Meta-Titles and Key Tags:- You can include your target keywords at these sections. The keywords are considered to be the torpedo’s at an SEO’s arsenal. You can shoot down higher rankings using correct keywords usage. But ensure that your meta-title counts below 100 characters and key-tags are numbered around six.

Clear Navigation :- Without a a guess, the job of developing a search-engine and user-friendly navigation structure is highly professional. But with the modern online site builders, you to choose and develop custom website templates, with inbuilt essential SEO features.
Off-site SEO Factors

The off-site SEO is the process of achieving back links from reputable websites related to your business category. There are numerous sources of achieving industry-relevant links. Among the top sources for collecting relevant links include directories, blogs, forums and message boards. Meanwhile actively avoid spamming websites with no clear moderation activity. Most probably these have been slapped with a Google penalty, which can pollute your existing link profile.

If you are expecting any level of ROI from your website., you cannot overlook the power of legit SEO process. While these processes may be a good start, the present competition ensures the need for more advanced skills in the area.

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