Dedicated IP and SSL certificate improves the search engine rankings

Getting ranked on top of the search engine results is one of the major objective behind all the activities related to search engine optimisation. Google or any other search engine takes into account various factors and considerations to rank a website in search results.

Though many of the internet marketing experts might be having a knowledge of the factors which affects the search engine rankings, mut many of them still be having some confusion on which option to choose or which is the right option. Many of them end up targeting the wrong factors and keep on struggling to reach the top of the search engine rankings.

Here we will discuss the two most important factors that affect the search engine rankings:

  • Effect of Dedicated IP on Page Loading Speed and SEO rankings

  • SSL Certificate ensuring the safety of your website with improved search engine rankings

Effect of Dedicated IP on Page Loading Speed and SEO rankings

Most of the type of online businesses uses a web hosting company for their hosting needs but doesn’t pay attention to the type of IP address being assigned to their hosting. There are two types of IP addresses a dedicated one and the other is a shared hosting IP address.

Shared IP

In a shared IP address there will be numerous websites that will be sharing the same address. In this case the hosting server will determine the type of website which is requested by the URL being entered.


Dedicated IP

In a dedicated IP address each website will be having its own IP address. When a person will type the IP address or the website will bring him/her to the same website.

On the whole when you purchase a dedicated IP, the page loading time of your website will decrease and therefore improve the search results rankings in search engine. A good website loading speed is one of the major criterias of popular search engines to rank a website.

Some of the benefits of using a dedicated IP address for your website:

  • Dedicated IPs helps in improving the security of the website through an SSL certificate.

  • You will be able to access your website through an FTP as well load the website in a browser through an IP address.

  • If you are having a high traffic website your website will have least chances of downtime if it has a dedicated IP.

SSL certificate

An SSL certificate gives the security to a website which helps in protecting the private information which travels across the web. An SSL certificate is the best way of building a trust for your business with a lock icon and a green bar.

Some of the benefits of using an SSL certificate for your website are as follows:

  • Better Search Rankings: On 6th August 2014, Google announced that an HTTPS of a website as one of the major ranking factors in search results.

  • Better Security: An SSL certificate helps in protecting the domain name and emails from any type of hacking or scams. With a proper SSL certificate it would be very difficult for anyone to clone the website.

  • Encryption: An SSL certificate on your website helps in encrypting the sensitive information which is collected from the website visitors.

Better Trust
: According to many surveys it has been proved that majority of the website visitors worry that their personal information might be misused. Using an SSL certificate increases the trust among your website visitors, leading to improved sales and conversions.