Common Web Hosting Problems & Its Remedy

Top problems faced by web hosting customers

Lets see some of the common problems faced by hosting customers in India.

1. Problem: I uploaded my website, But still not working.
Reason: a) You might have bought the domain name recently, Which is under DNS propagation. During DNS propagation, Your domain may not be pointing correctly to the server. You need to wait for atleast 4 ~ 6 hours for your domain to work properly.
b) You might have uploaded the files in a wrong directory. Generally the files should be uploaded into the public_html directory, If you upload in wrong dir, then it will not work.

2. Problem: CSS and JS files changed, But not reflected in the browser.
Reason: Most likely this is due to cache issue or you may be updating the files in the wrong place

3. Problem: Pictures or images are displaying properly in my website or missing
Reason: Pictures or images may not be displayed in your website correctly the most common reason for this problem is that the images path may not be given correctly. You may use some CMSs like a wordpress or Joomla or Drupal, the path which is set for the image directly most likely can be wrong or the image directly may not have 644 permission which is required for the image directly check the permission of the image files also.

4. Problem: Frequent downtime or Uptime issue
Reason: This is one of the common problem for Website owners, there could be many reasons why your website is going down often or having up time issues. First of all you need to check whether you are in a shared hosting or any VPS are cloud server some of the most common reason for this problem is that your server may get too many spam hits for your web server or database server may be using more resources, your website may be hacked or infected with Malware which uses your server resources for sending bulk emails, or you may have some issues with your website configuration or your apache Server may not properly optimised and much more..

5. Problem: Website is hacked or defaced
Reason: Unfortunately this is an issue for many website owners, particularly for wordpress customers or any PHP web based application customers. We have written in very detail on how to secure your website. Most common reason why website is hacked is due to keeping a very weak password for administrator of the website or keeping a very simple password for your cpanel account.



The first and the foremost thing while building a website and starting your existence on the internet is by choosing a web hosting provider well in advance. With many of the web hosting providers in line, it becomes a real difficult task as most of them would be offering a 99 percent uptime, and many other offers with it, But once the website is hosted with them, the true colors of a web host would be know.

Many years back there were just few web hosting providers. But as the internet has evolved so is the web hosting services. Nowadays more and more number of people have an access to the internet through a mobile than that of a desktop.

A strong web hosting service is the basic necessity while owning a website, because without a web host there won’t be any relevance of the website as it is impossible for a website to be live on the internet without a web hosting service.

There are few common points that should be avoided in choosing a web hosting company:

Free Web Hosting:

Free Hosting services are first thing that needs to be avoided. Free word is always very exciting, but to be true when it comes to web hosting this word should be avoided at first. Free services does not have any functionality, security, bandwidth and many other features that are provided by genuine web hosts.

Website Speed:

Web Hosting services plays and major role in the speed and performance of your website. A slow website is always a Big No as it can an adverse effect on the website, mainly it affects the organic rankings of the website on major search engines like Google.

Always choose a web hosting company whose data centers are located nearer to the users of your website. A nearby location will always give a better user experience to the visitors in terms of website speed and loading time.
Network latency can be measured as the time taken for a data pack to reach from one point to other. Always choose a web hosting company who focuses on reducing their network latency by using the best technology and technical support team.

Bandwidth Status:

Bandwidth has always been a problem for web hosting. Demand for a website always increases as more and more number of users start flowing onto the website. For this reason most of the web hosting plans have bandwidth cap on it. It is always to know your website requirements accordingly and buy a web hosting plan that will suit your website requirements for the next 1 to 4 years. Make sure with the web hosting provider what they will be offering and what exactly you will need.

Technical Support:

A web hosting provider cannot be judged fully when the website is working fine and there is no problem as such to contact the web provider. But true services are shown when there is a problem that occurs in your website and the support team tries to fix the issue with all its possible resources. Hence support is one of the most important thing that comes into picture for a web hosting company and you can rate a company exactly according to the support you receive.


The best thing that you can do before signing up with the web hosting company is by making sure the type of support they offer, it can be through a Live Chat of by 24*7 telephone support. Most of the web hosting companies offer support through ticket system or a contact form. But choose the one who have at least all these three types of support. As only a contact form support can ruin the performance of your website if any problem arises and there is no answer for your query.

There are other web hosting providers as well who are offering support through just forums and FAQ’s and it not a good idea to search for the correct answers through these modes when the website faces any problem.

Missing emails or difficulty signing in to the inbox:

If you are facing these type of difficulty, this shows that either the email server is not configured properly or there can be maintenance problem. If you are able to send good amount of emails and files that means the web hosting services are decent if not then your hosting provider might have not upgraded email servers.

Online Reviews:

To a certain extent the quality of a web hosting service can be judged through the online reviews of web hosting companies. There are many online review websites available like Mouthshut, where users come and write their experiences with different web hosting companies. You can even ask in different social media platforms about user experiences from different web hosting providers.



These are few of the Common Web Hosting Problems and the ways a  Good Web Hosting Service Provider can tackle them.

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