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Why server speed important for your website ?

Speed is the primary factor to be considered when you are planning to buy a hosting service. The reputation of a website is highly dependent on how quickly it reacts to the client’s request. When a website

Dedicated IP and SSL certificate improves the search engine rankings

Getting ranked on top of the search engine results is one of the major objective behind all the activities related to search engine optimisation. Google or any other search engine takes into account various factors and considerations

Customer Abandons a Website in less than 2 Seconds

Did you ever expect while creating a website that speed of a website can have a great impact on your website visitors. Have you ever thought, even if your website isn’t loading too slow is there any

Various solution for your dynamic websites with HostingRaja

¬†What is static website ? Let’s find out what is dynamic web hosting services to host a website. Example you may have a simple website with few pages like a 4 ~ 5 pages website which will