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How to Earn Facebook Likes that Matter’s in the Real World

Every Business yearns for loyal followers; These are the followers who takes the effort to spread the word of mouth or becomes a regular purchasing clients. While the big brands implements big marketing campaigns for achieving this

Deciding on how much to charge your Customers

Being a successful small businessman requires a real level of market-knowledge; Along with updating yourself with the latest technologies, deciding on the right and fair rates for your customers is a greater challenge. At one side, overcharging

India’s Top social media Platform’s & How can Your Business Use their Reach

  At Hosting Raja, when we took the list of India’s Top social media Platform’s, we welcomed a few un-expected longshot’s along with the leading social media platforms. Along with the social media’s inexhaustive capacity to connect and engage, it’s

7 Web design catastrophes that may drive your customers crazy

If you have designed your websites just for desktop users, then you might be losing out on many customers’ mainly mobile users by giving them an unpleasant experience with your desktop only website. There are some UX